November 19, 2013

26 on the 18th

I'm 26!!!! Birthday week was the greatest because Topher. Duh. Then on my actual birthday my mom came to town and watched my kids It was amazing. After shopping and testing out various froyo shops in town, I went to lunch by myself and read a book while eating in silence. That's luxury, people. Anti social luxury.


I'm really hoping 26 lives up to the greatness that was 25. Seriously, I had the best year last year. Toph passed the bar and got a job, Ev was born and I had such an empowering, awesome experience with her labor, I watched Bronson adapt to being a great big brother, we went on some fun trips as a family, I read a lot more; I just feel like I really came into my own (again) this past year. I'm almost sad to see it go but here's to the next 365 days of 26!