January 19, 2014

blink blink


I keep hearing that second and third (etc.) babies grow up even faster than firsts and yeah, I believe it. Everly's full time walking, completely weaned (favorite gross word) and sleeping through the night again (:):)!)!!). I feel like it took 27 years to get to this point with Bronson. I mean, his babyhood zoomed by but because I was constantly like, "What is even happening right now?" it also crawled along. 

I LOVE when my kids don't nurse anymore. In some ways it's harder because I actually have to remember to pack them snacks and feed them meals, but in every single other way it's easier for me. It helps them sleep more at night, they stop biting me, I can wear whatever I want, no more leaking everywhere or pumping gallons of milk, making them little meals is adorable; and on and on.

I really do feel like I blinked and here she is, this little toddling child. But no, we had a really great run with our tiny Ev and now I'm getting pretty excited for first (real) words and maybe some hair growing? No pressure.