March 27, 2014

Mini trip: Berkeley!

Another work conference for the tax lawyer in our fam took us to Berkeley(/technically Oakland too, I think?)!

We stayed: at The Claremont. THE most gorgeous place around. When we pulled up I had to double check that we were actually allowed to be there. It looked like a castle but more friendly than that. And fancier. Also, hello! Berkeley is gorgeous. I'd never been before and color me impressed.

We ate: at Pizzahhh (we always get pizza when we go somewhere new and this didn't disappoint, so good!) and King Yen Restaurant (again, a solid choice). I love reading Yelp reviews and I cannot lie.

We played: at the hotel pool(s!!). Seriously this hotel was amazing and their pools were so fun for the kids. It wasn't that warm out yet but everything was heated and my kids don't care about weather. Bronson would've spent the whole trip in the pool but watching Ev near water lost its appeal for me a lot faster than that. I kinda hate taking kids to the pool by myself. Grinchmom.

I had way too many adult meltdowns on this trip because so many things went wrong (parking issues, car trouble, weather stuff, GPS fails, etc.) but I'm fairly sure that the kids had a blast in spite of it all. Most importantly, Ev slept like a champ in her bathroom suite so that was fantastic.

I told Toph I refuse to go on any more of these work trips but let's keep it real, I'll cave at the first mention of out of town pizza and hotel TV. Whatevs.