December 31, 2006

best of 2006!

-Moving out and going to BYU! 
-Living in the dorms. SO FUN.
-Meeting my BFASF Anne! (best freaking amazing sister forever. yup.)
-Meeting Toph!!

Next year we get hitched but I'm also taking Econ sooo ... dang. Happy new year!

December 28, 2006

he asked and I said "uh huh"

(Right after getting engaged at Disneyland, Christmas day 2006!!)
Toph took advantage of my fam being in southern Ca for Christmas this year (best vaycay ever!) and popped the question over dinner in downtown Disney on Christmas day! He'd wrapped up a bunch of presents for me and the last one I opened was the ring. He asked and I answered with one enthusiastic, "Uh huh!" so now we're officially engaged but we don't get to hang out until we both get back to Provo after the break. TWO WEEKS from now! Good thing we both have Cingular: free phone calls! Well, free for us anyway. :)

December 20, 2006

anne + me = BFASF.

Ann-fan-dan made me a blanket for my birthday! 
Best freaking amazing sister forev for sure. 
Love that girl. :)

December 15, 2006


Here are finally some pics from homecoming!
Toph took me and Anne did my hair. As it should be.
Anne and I also swapped clothes: I borrowed her skirt and shirt, she borrowed my sweater. Nice. 
It was a super awesome night! 
Toph took me to dinner and then we went to the dance where he invited me to his real live house for Thanksgiving. :)
After the dance we went to a movie (Aeon Flux. Laaame.) with our friends.
Overall, it was a ridiculously fun night. 
I love life.

December 1, 2006

my 19th birthday!!! i'm getting so old but so not.

Anne Swenson (also known as Anne Fan Dan) is the best!! She and I are BFASF's (best.freaking.amazing.sisters.forever. yep.) and as such, she decided to come over and make me breakfast for my birthday. (She even let Toph come and eat with us!! He's kinda my fave too.) After breakfast Anne+I went thrifting and then had Thai for dinner with our whole huge group. Then Toph gave me a CD with all "our" songs on it. This has been the best birthday ever! No joke. Forever.

November 30, 2006

boy meets girl. boy gets insulted. it's love.

The first thing I ever said to him was, "Who would name their kid Topher?!?" 
So basically I had him at, "Your name's weird and your parents are nuts." 
It was straight up love at first insult. 
Toph and I have been hanging out constantly basically ever since. 
He asked me to homecoming (How did he ask? Oh just by writing me a song. Entitled of course: "The Meredith Song." Duh.), we've been going to law conventions on campus together (he's pre-law too) and I went to his fam's house in So Cal for Thanksgiving. 
His mom made us take the color test. (I cheated so we'd both be whites. Pretty sure I'm really a red.) 
We've already fasted about getting married and it felt pretty perfect. 
Things are getting kinda serious up in here. I love this kid. So much.