November 30, 2006

boy meets girl. boy gets insulted. it's love.

The first thing I ever said to him was, "Who would name their kid Topher?!?" 
So basically I had him at, "Your name's weird and your parents are nuts." 
It was straight up love at first insult. 
Toph and I have been hanging out constantly basically ever since. 
He asked me to homecoming (How did he ask? Oh just by writing me a song. Entitled of course: "The Meredith Song." Duh.), we've been going to law conventions on campus together (he's pre-law too) and I went to his fam's house in So Cal for Thanksgiving. 
His mom made us take the color test. (I cheated so we'd both be whites. Pretty sure I'm really a red.) 
We've already fasted about getting married and it felt pretty perfect. 
Things are getting kinda serious up in here. I love this kid. So much.