December 31, 2007

best of 2007!

 (The BIGGEST highlight of the year. Duh. Our wedding.)

1- We started out the year being engaged which rocked. Toph and I had an awesome engagement. I loved taking temple prep classes together, getting things ready for the wedding, and going on lots of fun dates. (LEATHERBY'S!)
2- GETTING MARRIED! duh. Our wedding day was pretty dang fun. I loved my dress and seeing Toph in his fancy shmancy suit was pretty suh-weet too.
3- Going to Upland for Thanksgiving! I love Toph's fam's house. We ate tons of good food and played board games galore. 
4- Almost being done with school!!!
5- Toph's job at the MTC. We're so blessed to have him working there. :)
6- Making some good headway on the Dupe. Our little home.
7- Getting Harry Potter for Christmas! Thanks Toph!!

Here's to an awesome 2008!

December 30, 2007

our first married Christmas= a very Harry holiday!

Merry Christmas!! Toph and I went EVERYWHERE this Christmas. We left Provo to go to my fam's house and missed our flight so we had to have Helen pick us up in San Fran way later than we'd hoped. We finally made it there and after hanging with my fam for the actual holidays, we flew to New Mexico to go to Toph's cousin's wedding. It was so fun but so cold! The highlight of this Christmas was definitely Toph buying me the whole box set of Harry Potter. I'm only on book three now but it's safe to say: I'm hooked. Rowling is a genius. And so was Toph for buying them for me. Shoot.

July 28, 2007

sometimes I make Toph go outside and do crazy things. like hike.

Toph has NEVER hiked the Y!! So today I made him. I seriously must be in better shape/more used to the altitude or something because I didn't die when we hiked it today. We're not really outdoorsy people (understatement of the century) but it was really fun to go, hang out and try something new. We decided we could use more "real dates" (ie: dates not in our pj's, watching t.v. at home, while scarfing takeout Costa Vida). Next up: NOT hiking for a while. It was fun but let's not get crazy here.

June 14, 2007

newlywed life=working on the duplex.

So here's our very first apartment!  When we first saw the place it was filled floor to ceiling with boxes. We moved everything out (it took weeks) and then after we got married, we moved in and got to work fixing everything up. Despite the lack of heating/AC I love it here!! We have wood floors, we get to paint, Toph and I are learning soo much about home improvement projects+Toph's parents are helping us get supplies and get things done (they're our landlords. It's been really nice!) We live right by campus and even closer to the Provo library. Provo library is one of my fave places maybe ever. We're not sure how long we'll be here but for now, it's our little home away from CA. Oh and: We have covered parking!!! We=snow haters.

June 1, 2007

more honeymoon pics. look away!!!


We also stopped in San Diego. 
Toph was brave enough to go rock climbing on the boat.
I was not.

The end.

May 30, 2007

the love boat. get it?

 (Smooching it up in Catalina) 

Toph and I set sail on our little honeymoon cruise last week! Three words: midnight chocolate buffet. I'm no chocolate lover but there's just something about putting on some pj's, standing in a looong line with tons of other fellow cruisers (most of them were middle aged drunk ladies) that just screams FUN. We ate sooo much food, played ridiculous amounts of ping pong and mourned that it was cold and not very cruise like weather the whole time. Dang it. Next time we go on a cruise (if there is a next time) I think we'll go the Disney route. We've had good luck with all things Disney so far.

May 20, 2007

we got married!! it was real fun.

We're married!!!! Crazy.
So I went through the temple the same day we got married. Which made it kinda a looong day but SO cool because I got to spend most of my wedding day in the temple. I love that I can say that. The thing that stood out to me the most from our wedding was that I never really felt nervous. I just felt happy and excited and wanted to see what would happen next. Toph smiled so freaking wide all day long. He's the best guy I ever met, I'm so blessed to be married (it's so WEIRD to say married!) to my best friend. I'm also pretty stoked that we're going on a cruise next week. FOOOOOD!!!

April 20, 2007

my fiance is an econ major and yet i'm not getting econ. at all.

Seriously. I'm hoping to maybe maybe get a C minus in this stinking class. 
Thanks a freaking lot Toph! 
Well, maybe I'd do better if I listened more and hugged less while you were helping me with my homework ... 
And maybe if I skipped the picture taking I might actually know what "supply demand curve" means.
But whatev. Econ sucks.

April 9, 2007

ten things about the boy toph

When I think of Topher (my FIANCE! weird.) I think laughing, talking too much, maybe some kissing ...., dollar movies, blue eyes and lots more laughing.
Our bishop had us write down ten things we love about each other a few days ago. 
Here's my list (warning: sappy ahead)
1- he makes me laugh (duh.)
2- he loved his mission
3- he has blue eyes
4- he loves his family
5- he's ridiculously goooood looking
6- he wants to have kids someday (and with me I'm assuming?? nutso.)
7- he plays guitar
8- he knows the scriptures backwards and forwards
9- he's nice to everyone (such manners. it's shocking really.)
10- he loves me

Toph's list about me is pretty good too (he only said "she's hot" like twice. good job, boyo!) 
I seriously love this kid. We get married in a month!!

March 20, 2007

dates. dates. dates.

We went to Guitars Unplugged the other day and it was sooo cool. I love dating at BYU. 
I kinda just love BYU period. (And Toph too. Duh.)
I may not know the cougar fight song or ever ever care to ... but still. I bleed blue-ish. 
PS: Toph's pretty dang good at date plan-age.

March 12, 2007


We made our invites this past weekend! Toph and I are both pretty dang cheap so we took our own engagement pics and made our own invites on is laptop. Now the fun part: printing, addressing, labeling and sending hundreds of them all over the place. Woo hoo! Not.

February 2, 2007

toph plays the geetar for me. sometimes.

Every time I meet one of Toph's friends from his way-back-when-dorm life or whatev they always ask me if I know he plays the guitar. 
Yes. I do. 
And I know he plays really well and I know it's hot. 
Just take a gander at that pic up there. Woo-eee. 
 I wish he'd learn some Hanson jams but you know, baby steps.

January 10, 2007

stanny came hooome!!

After two years in the Arizona, Mesa mish, my older brother is home! 
Just in time for second Christmas! 
We feel bad that he barely missed the Disneyland trip + meeting Toph but all in good time. 
And now we owe him a trip to the happiest place on earth so we all get to go back someday. Winwinwin.