April 20, 2007

my fiance is an econ major and yet i'm not getting econ. at all.

Seriously. I'm hoping to maybe maybe get a C minus in this stinking class. 
Thanks a freaking lot Toph! 
Well, maybe I'd do better if I listened more and hugged less while you were helping me with my homework ... 
And maybe if I skipped the picture taking I might actually know what "supply demand curve" means.
But whatev. Econ sucks.

April 9, 2007

ten things about the boy toph

When I think of Topher (my FIANCE! weird.) I think laughing, talking too much, maybe some kissing ...., dollar movies, blue eyes and lots more laughing.
Our bishop had us write down ten things we love about each other a few days ago. 
Here's my list (warning: sappy ahead)
1- he makes me laugh (duh.)
2- he loved his mission
3- he has blue eyes
4- he loves his family
5- he's ridiculously goooood looking
6- he wants to have kids someday (and with me I'm assuming?? nutso.)
7- he plays guitar
8- he knows the scriptures backwards and forwards
9- he's nice to everyone (such manners. it's shocking really.)
10- he loves me

Toph's list about me is pretty good too (he only said "she's hot" like twice. good job, boyo!) 
I seriously love this kid. We get married in a month!!