May 30, 2007

the love boat. get it?

 (Smooching it up in Catalina) 

Toph and I set sail on our little honeymoon cruise last week! Three words: midnight chocolate buffet. I'm no chocolate lover but there's just something about putting on some pj's, standing in a looong line with tons of other fellow cruisers (most of them were middle aged drunk ladies) that just screams FUN. We ate sooo much food, played ridiculous amounts of ping pong and mourned that it was cold and not very cruise like weather the whole time. Dang it. Next time we go on a cruise (if there is a next time) I think we'll go the Disney route. We've had good luck with all things Disney so far.

May 20, 2007

we got married!! it was real fun.

We're married!!!! Crazy.
So I went through the temple the same day we got married. Which made it kinda a looong day but SO cool because I got to spend most of my wedding day in the temple. I love that I can say that. The thing that stood out to me the most from our wedding was that I never really felt nervous. I just felt happy and excited and wanted to see what would happen next. Toph smiled so freaking wide all day long. He's the best guy I ever met, I'm so blessed to be married (it's so WEIRD to say married!) to my best friend. I'm also pretty stoked that we're going on a cruise next week. FOOOOOD!!!