June 14, 2007

newlywed life=working on the duplex. every.day.all.day.

So here's our very first apartment!  When we first saw the place it was filled floor to ceiling with boxes. We moved everything out (it took weeks) and then after we got married, we moved in and got to work fixing everything up. Despite the lack of heating/AC I love it here!! We have wood floors, we get to paint, Toph and I are learning soo much about home improvement projects+Toph's parents are helping us get supplies and get things done (they're our landlords. It's been really nice!) We live right by campus and even closer to the Provo library. Provo library is one of my fave places maybe ever. We're not sure how long we'll be here but for now, it's our little home away from CA. Oh and: We have covered parking!!! We=snow haters.