December 31, 2007

best of 2007!

 (The BIGGEST highlight of the year. Duh. Our wedding.)

1- We started out the year being engaged which rocked. Toph and I had an awesome engagement. I loved taking temple prep classes together, getting things ready for the wedding, and going on lots of fun dates. (LEATHERBY'S!)
2- GETTING MARRIED! duh. Our wedding day was pretty dang fun. I loved my dress and seeing Toph in his fancy shmancy suit was pretty suh-weet too.
3- Going to Upland for Thanksgiving! I love Toph's fam's house. We ate tons of good food and played board games galore. 
4- Almost being done with school!!!
5- Toph's job at the MTC. We're so blessed to have him working there. :)
6- Making some good headway on the Dupe. Our little home.
7- Getting Harry Potter for Christmas! Thanks Toph!!

Here's to an awesome 2008!