December 31, 2008

best of 2008!

 2008 has been pretty dang good. Here are some highlights:

-Graduating from BYU! (me)
-Going to Stan's wedding! (us)
-Going to Lake Powell! (us)
-FINDING OUT WE'RE PREGGO!! (but mostly me ... let's be real )
-Buying our first Christmas tree! (but mostly Toph ... he got muscles)

Next year is the year. And we can't wait!

December 27, 2008

We stayed home this year and it was a very snowy Christmas.

 (our Christmas card pic this year. 12 weeks preg!)

We decided to stay here ( in Provo) this year so Toph could get more moolah by working over the break. We spent the actual holidays with Toph's aunt+uncle and their kids. It was really fun! We also got our own tree this year, a real live one! It was weird to think that this time next year we'll have a 5 month old. I'm still pretty dang sure it's a boy too. We find out for sure in two months!!
Merry Christmas! 

November 25, 2008

ohmygosh. ohmygosh. ohmygosh ...

about 14 weeks here
Pregnant!!! After trying for almost 11 months the two lines finally appeared on one of my pee sticks.  Actually, they appeared on 7 of my pee sticks. (I'm an overachiever and I took 7 pregnancy tests. No big.)
I'm due July 9th, 2009 and I pretty much already know for sure it's a boy. Not sure why but I just do. All I can say is: We love you already, little fetus baby child! You're the most wanted kid around. Thanks for deciding to join the fam finally!!!

August 12, 2008

My brother got hitched and we got a San Diego trip out of it!!

Stanley got married!!! And we got to go to San Diego to see him get married. Hence all the exclamation points. It was a really great trip since we got to see both my fam+Toph's fam. We went to the beach, saw the Lopes, got to go through the San Diego temple and swam a ton in the hotel pool. Yay for summer! And weddings! I guess.

June 28, 2008

day to day life

So we have lots of home date nights lately. We make cookies, watch movies/TV in our living room (we're super into 30 Rock and Arrested Development right now. Hilarity ensues often over here.) and read (Harry Potter!) mostly. Life's good. It's simple and we both have jobs, score! I'm working at the gym still and as a TA when the school year starts up again and Toph's still at the MTC. We're just really trying to save and save right now. That's it. 
The end. :)

May 20, 2008

I'm officially a Tuttle! Sorry it took a year, Toph.

(All the kids still at home + me. Precious.)

I got to come home and visit for a few days, it's only the second  time I've been back since getting married and I'm so excited to see everyone (even smelly old Gooda)!!  
While I'm here I promised Toph I'd finally change my name too. 
I guess he doesn't dig us having different last names after a year of being married? Stalker.
Anyway, I got around to it yesterday and now my legal name is officially Meredith Yates Tuttle. 
I feel so grown up. And I keep signing my old name on stuff ...
It's only a day old! I'll get the hang of it. Just give me a couple years. Jeez.

May 12, 2008

the state of the union-1

Question: How fast can  a year go by? Answer: Ridiculously fast! DANG. We've been married a year already and I can't believe it.  For some reason we picked this month to be "no spend month" so we were kinda not sure how to celebrate (we'd normally just eat out big time. the best.) but then Toph's sister gave me a graduation gift card to our fave Italian restaurant. YESSS! We love bread+pastas (Toph especially loves bread. For reals. Addict.) Happy one year, Toph! Let's eat carbs together forevah!! That's our family motto.

April 24, 2008

BAM: graduated. Take that BYU!

(Mom decided we should take pics in the Bean museum to avoid doing too any "cliche" BYU pics.
So now everybody asks me if I graduated from an animal school. Thanks mom.)

Mom and dad came to town to see me graduate last week!! One word to describe how it felt to walk across the floor of the Marriott center: Underwhelming. Seriously, I thought I'd feel this big wave of accomplishment but it just felt kinda weird. I mean it was cool to hear Toph cheer for me when they called my name (which you're NOT supposed to do, thanks babe) and it was awesome to have my parents in town, plus we got Thai food after the ceremony was over but really, graduating from junior college was more exciting. Whatevs, the hat+muumuu were awesome! I love a good muumuu (is there such thing as a bad muumuu? No.)