April 24, 2008

BAM: graduated. Take that BYU!

(Mom decided we should take pics in the Bean museum to avoid doing too any "cliche" BYU pics.
So now everybody asks me if I graduated from an animal school. Thanks mom.)

Mom and dad came to town to see me graduate last week!! One word to describe how it felt to walk across the floor of the Marriott center: Underwhelming. Seriously, I thought I'd feel this big wave of accomplishment but it just felt kinda weird. I mean it was cool to hear Toph cheer for me when they called my name (which you're NOT supposed to do, thanks babe) and it was awesome to have my parents in town, plus we got Thai food after the ceremony was over but really, graduating from junior college was more exciting. Whatevs, the hat+muumuu were awesome! I love a good muumuu (is there such thing as a bad muumuu? No.)