May 20, 2008

I'm officially a Tuttle! Sorry it took a year, Toph.

(All the kids still at home + me. Precious.)

I got to come home and visit for a few days, it's only the second  time I've been back since getting married and I'm so excited to see everyone (even smelly old Gooda)!!  
While I'm here I promised Toph I'd finally change my name too. 
I guess he doesn't dig us having different last names after a year of being married? Stalker.
Anyway, I got around to it yesterday and now my legal name is officially Meredith Yates Tuttle. 
I feel so grown up. And I keep signing my old name on stuff ...
It's only a day old! I'll get the hang of it. Just give me a couple years. Jeez.