May 12, 2009

the state of the union- 2

(here's an old one since I'm over getting my picture taken while preggo. no joke.)

TWO YEARS?! I seriously don't get how life can go so fast. But yep, it's been two years since these two crazy kids tied the knot. This anniversary rocked because I was in charge. Did somebody say: Staycation?! So I got us a hotel room in the very exotic locale of Orem, UT and we had a mini little vaycay for the night. I'm sooo stinking pregnant now that driving anywhere very far is no bueno plus Toph has to work this week anyway. Happy two years, Toph! I can't believe this is our last anniversary being childless. Not that I feel very childless right now. No, right now I feel like the child that's living INSIDE of me is forcing me to run to the bathroom. Again. What was life like before being pregnant? I can't remember. 10 more weeks!!!!