September 20, 2009

these cheeks: they are sweet.

This kid has cheeks for days. 
Toph's fave thing is to drive the shopping cart over the yellow dots in front of the grocery store and watch
B's little nugget cheeks bounce all over the place.
I always tell him to stop but let's be real: it's adorable and hilarious and I love it. 
Best parents ever?

September 15, 2009

name+blessing weekend

(B screaming it up in Uncle Stanley's blessing outfit. Typical.)

B's blessing day was one of the best days of all time. Toph gave him a simple and sweet blessing (I remember he said he would have no trouble making friends, that's right!) and I bawled my eyes out the whole time. For a while now I've sat through tons of other baby blessings (hello! life in Provo) so finally seeing my own little boy being blessed by my own worthy husband was incredible. I'll never forget that feeling. It was also really fun to have everybody come to town to see our little nugget on his big day. There were over 20 people in our teeny tiny apartment! Shoot.
PS: I can't believe B's already 8 weeks old!! Motherhood makes time fly.

September 9, 2009

baby baby

In my completely unbiased opinion: This kid is the best baby ever. 
He sleeps a lot and smiles often. 
He makes us laugh and squeaks out the cutest little cooing noises.
He nurses like a champ and loves his daddy. 
He adores long walks in the arboretum with mom.
Oh man. We.are.smitten. 
Good thing this is a forever thing, that just might be long enough.