November 30, 2009

his first ever turkey day!!

Bronson with Grandma and Grandpa Tuttle!

We went down to Upland for Thanksgiving  this year and I'm pretty sure B was held the entire time. Everybody loves our little nugget boy and I so don't blame them. He's the best thing that's ever happened to us and we're SO thankful to have in our fam forever! The highlights of the trip were B sleeping through dinner so that I could eat, laughing our brains out with Tracy+Davey, and the stuffing. Oh how we loves carbs in team Tuttle.

November 1, 2009

Another very Harry holiday

exhausted after fighting Lord Voldy all day!)

A pumpkin onesie? Not for this kid, I decided we were gonna be Harry Potter and his crew forev ago and we did it! B of course was our faithful hero, I got to be crazy haired Hermione, and Toph was very convincing as my lover boy Ron. I made our costumes in ten minutes right before we had to leave to make it to the party. Typical. My fave part is of course the lightening bolt scar+B's little pipe cleaner glasses. I wish he could wear them forever!! Oh what the heck, we'll let him.