February 15, 2010

b's first valentines day+his head is huge.

I kinda just want to reach into these pics and squeeze B's little nugget cheeks. Not gonna lie. We hung out outside today, while Toph was in class, and took some pics to show off B's sitting skills+his sweet new beanie. I saw the beanie in the thrift store the other day and could.not.resist. It's supposed to be for an 18 month baby head .... yeah, he's 7 months old. 
Big head=big brain? We hope.

February 12, 2010

getting to know our new neighborhood

We decided to walk around campus and take a better look at our new neighborhood today. (It's so pretty here! And we're so close to the law school!) Of course we got some family pics in while we were at it too. B's pretty much the next big thing in baby modeling and he had a blast in the stroller and hanging out with his dad. He LOVES Toph. And so do I. TWINSSS!

February 10, 2010

please stand up

And he can pull himself up!! 
Seven months is apparently the time to really start getting mobile. 

I'm scared.