June 30, 2010

we took him camping. funnn.

We went on our very first family camping trip! 
It was really cool because the campsite was right by a little pond and B loooves the water. 
I was a nervous wreck every time Toph took him in because without his glasses, Toph's pretty dang blind. (Next time: bring contacts!)
But it was fine, actually even better than that because Bronze loved it so much.

Long live summer!

June 20, 2010

the day we went to San Francisco. and oh what a day it was.

Mom and Carlos came down today and we all took a day trip to San Fransisco.
I got to see the Full House house (DREAM FULFILLED!),
eat some fancy chocolate and see B get uber excited about all the fish in the tanks. 
Toph got to drive and find parking, luckyyy.
It was a good time but crossing the golden gate bridge was terrifying.
No lie.

June 14, 2010

one month til toddler time

B's gonna be one in a  month. A MONTH! People tell you all the time how fast babies grow up but you just tune them out. Because the people that tell that are old. But you know what? They're right. The past 11 months have literally flown by. Toph's already done with his first year of law school and B's almost walking and he already loves chasing balls and eating everything sight. I know life isn't gonna slow down ever but right now I'm kinda cool with it. I've loved every stage so far. Each one has been more fun/less stressful than the one before it. I hope things keep going like this but who knows. I hear teenagers are the worst. Awesome.