July 26, 2010

body powers!!!

I taught him how to high five forev ago and he hasn't stopped since. 
This is my life and I'll take it.

July 14, 2010

one manly party

 Our Bronzie turned one! He's the manliest man around.
 So we had a manly party for him!
Mustaches for everyone!

What do manly men/ladies eat?
 Stud muffins!
Burly Kabobs!
Manwiches! (not real gross meaty ones though. nutella + peanut butter + banana wiches)!
Muscle Building Munch (chex mix with popcorn)!

  What do Manly men/ladies play??
 Pin the Stache on the Man! "Dude, Where's My 'Stache?!"

 Where's the Photo Op??
 Get your pic with Muscle Man!

 Of course there was lot's of pool time as well!
Lot's of sun, friends, food and a Birthday Man t-shirt made by Mom.

What a Manly Bash. We love you Bronson!

With all our manly/mama hearts!

happy birthday to my boy!

I woke up this morning to a toddler instead of a baby. 
It was a whole lot better than what I woke up to last year on this day 
(natural childbirth anyone?)!
Alas, my little man is officially one. 
I've been a mom for a whole year. 
That's not long to most, but saying it out loud is way crazy for me. 

One year, all the holidays, all the seasons, 365 days. 
He's been here for it all. 
In my short time as a mama, here are some of the gems I've gathered:

-I don't need anywhere near the amount of sleep I got pre-kid in order to function.   
But I want it!  

-My lap is a pretty decent changing table. 
I can (and have) changed his diaper almost everywhere. 
-Pumping in the car is super easy. 
I think I did a pretty discreet job of it too, but maybe not. 
Is that why all the truckers from UT to CA kept honking/winking
at us?

-Other kids are cute but mine is the cutest.  
Moms everywhere know this.

-My body will never be the same. 
And I'm OK with that. 
Most of the time.
Why get a tattoo when stretch marks are just as permanent?!

-When your baby looks just like his daddy, you love your husband more than ever. 

-When in doubt about any baby stuff, ask mom!!
I'm so in love with my kid. 
Happy birthday little dude.
Tat leftover from his wild party!

    July 9, 2010

    Phone tales.

    Life in cell phone pics:

    -This kid is a standing PRO. Next up: walking.
    -B still loves dad best. Adorable.
    -Thrifted bow tie. Too cute with those cheeks.
    -He fell asleep while scavenging for cheerios. Hahaha. And yep, we feed him straight off the floor. YUM.

    July 5, 2010

    his first 4th of july could've been last year but he just had to be late!

     (We hit up the BYU bookstore while in town too. Represent!)

    If B had come a little bit earlier we could've had his first 4th of July last year but no. The kid just had to come a week late. It's cool though, we spent his first Independence day up at the cabin in Provo Canyon with Toph's fam+watching the Provo parade. B took his first steps while we were there too! It was adorable. He walks with his hands straight up in the air, for balance? I'm assuming. He's basically a genius. I can't believe he'll be one in just a few days!!! I'm so excited for his little party!

    July 2, 2010

    B loves anything water related. Check.

    We went to this public water park thing the other day and B went wild. As if you couldn't tell by the pics .. No but he really did LOVE it. I had so much fun watching his cute reaction every time the water went off. He didn't really get scared at all. My kid, he's brave. Shoot.