October 20, 2010

mini man pants

A few of you were interested in seeing how I made B his mini skinnies. (So clever. ha.)
Well here are some amazing pics of the process:

1-Find some pants you don't mind cutting up.

2- Trace some existing pants onto the bigger pants.
3- Cut out the smaller pants,inseam included.

4- Pin the pants back together, right sides together.

5- Sew up the crotch part first, making a cross shape. 
(You know how pants have that cross/'t' stitched on the crotch from putting the four fabric pieces together? Check out some existing pants for extra help. I know I'm not super clear here. Sorry!)

6- Put the pants right sides together again and stitch up the outer sides and hem the leg cuffs while you're at it.

7- Find a cute baby (the one I used is about 15 months old) and make them pose in the "new" pants!

Here he is in some gray ones I made him. 
Bed head and all. :)

October 5, 2010

Phone tales.

Life according to the droid:

-Carlos and I found some amazing shorts in the freepile. We're so close now. Literally.
-B+a pair glasses. That kid, that kid.
-New jammies!!! I love them . So does Toph. So does B. Thank goodness.