November 30, 2010

MarioKart on the fold out couch. That's a date, right?

Toph decided to get all romantic and set up MarioKart the other night. I lost almost every race. I'm not sure why, I leaned into the turns and everything. Just like we were playing WII. I really stink at video games though. I always have ... I smell a New Years resolution!

November 20, 2010

my favorite birthday week surprise so far :)

Toph surprised me with family pics for my birthday!!

After Toph went to class the other day I found a note from him that said,
"Be ready by 3 to take family pictures. Happy birthday!"
Such a great surprise!
It was so fun to go out in our neighborhood and get some great shots of our little family.
 I've been wanting good pictures of all three of us for a while and Toph must've been listening.
I should really talk around him more.

November 18, 2010

turning 23 in my birthday(jump)suit.

For my special day, here are 23 things about me, with commentary by me:
(Stop reading now if you want to. We'll still be cool.)

I have 6 siblings and they're all funny (funny? or crazy? verdicts still out.).
I've been a member my whole life. 
I still spin the stem off my apple every time to see who I'll marry (and I cheat to make it to 'T'.)
I'm pretty sure I cried when Rory graduated from HS. (And during every subsequent viewing of the "Graduation" episode. Let's be real.)
Gilmore Girls: The Complete Third Season 
 I'm super proud of making it through 20 hours of pitocin encouraged labor naturally (the 2 hours of pushing were simply the bees knees).
I get sticker shock in Wal-Mart (freepiling has ruined me).
My fave Halloween costume ever was when I went as The Statue of Liberty (I was 11-ish).
Statue of Liberty 4 Inch Replica 
I sit Indian style whenever possible (I think I mean "Native American style?").
 I have an associates degree and a bachelor's degree but no HS diploma.
 I'll take gummy bears over chocolate any. day. of. the. week.
Haribo Gummi Candy, Original Gold-Bears, 5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) 
My BF from college is serving a mission in Stockholm, Sweden. (she gets home Dec. 3rd!!)
Toph and I try to re-read the Harry Potter Series every Christmas break (tis the season!).
Harry Potter Boxed Set (Children's Edition) (Contains all 7 books in the series) 
I've donated my hair to Locks of Love twice.
 I love Scrabble and I love being the score keeper (cuz then I get to make up names for the players. ex: "Meredith" turns into "Hotty Mc'hotwinner." ).
Scrabble Crossword Game 
 Whenever "MmmBop" comes on the radio, I want to call my older sister to let her know (so we can listen/rejoice together!)
Middle of Nowhere 
Toph and I celebrate birthday week (best thing I ever came up with).
My little brother is serving a mission in Samara, Russia (he comes home August 2011!!).
I LOVE Australian licorice (try it and you'll NEVER go back to Red Vines. Except when that's all there is available. Then you'll eat those Vines like they're going out of style.).
 Kookaburra Licorice Red (4 Bags)
I knew my kid was gonna be a boy before we even got preggo (that's so Raven!).
Since moving into this apartment 15 months ago, I've changed my kitchen curtains 5 times.
If I was on Survivor, my one luxury item would be Tweezers (you do not want to see this un-tweezed people).
I read The Shape Of a Mother. Love it (It's a bit nakey though. Not in a dirty way but in a textbook kinda way. You know?).
I started freepiling when I was 15 (My older sister introduced me to her laundry room's pile and I've never looked back.).


Happy Harry Potter 7 Part One 
Midnight Showing Everyone!!

November 14, 2010

my (very own!) sewing space.

We have this little niche in B's room that we felt all genius-y about shoving a desk into. 

"What a great office! Wow, we're smart!"

But then we realized it's better to study on campus. 
And the living room has the desktop in it so studying there works too ...
But what about the desk shoved in the niche?!
I got my own sewing/crafting space!

I'm in love.
(I didn't buy anything new for this space. 
I just went on a scavenger hunt around my apartment for storage items. My fave.)
I'm feeling renewed creativity now.
Who knew that 3 feet by 2 feet could do so much good?

November 13, 2010

out on the toddler town

The fam drove up yesterday so we could take the kids out on their school furlough day.   
It was really fun! We went to Fairytale Town.
I'm pretty much still really into my kid. 

And in his little thrifted pea coat, who wouldn't love him?

November 11, 2010

now that's thrift.

Here's what I'm up to tonight:
Talk about thrifty.

November 1, 2010

Who you gonna call??

Don't be fooled, those aren't real proton packs. 
I made us some pretty uh-mazing lookalikes from spray painted trash though. 
And Bronson really did attempt to cover himself in real slime/drool by the end of the night. 
He's so method. 

Happy Halloween!!