January 26, 2011

done, so done

DONE. That'ss how I felt pretty much all day.
Because of this darling little morning scenario:
Step One: Cook the kid two eggs. 
Step Two: He wants more.
Step Three: Start to make him more.
Step Four: He decides you're not a fast enough short order cook and proceeds to open the fridge and drop the last half dozen eggs on the floor.
Step Five: Breathe, send him to time out, clean up the mess, and FB about it. 
In that order.

Tame really but kind of annoying, you know? 
Godzilla baby!!!
Good thing he's so cute. Bad thing he's so snot/drooly.

All I can say is: Terrible Two's MY HINEY.
18 months has proven to be  "a harder act of defiance than I had anticipated."

January 16, 2011

Making a liar out of me.

There comes a time in every mom's life when you get to send your kid to nursery and have grown up church again. For us, that time came today.  B is now officially 18 months old. I was POSITIVE he'd be fine in there. I've always been able to drop him off at babysitters/friends houses no problem. "Mama? Mama WHO? Give me those toys!!" Well, check out the liar I turned out to be. I, on the other hand, totes behaved myself at church. I even got released from my calling as a nursery leader.  Grown up church big time. That last pic is me telling B how wonderful  and fab nursery is. I'm pretty darn convincing.