April 28, 2011

why i'm usually the adult in charge

So I only have one tube of lipstick that I "splurged" on and I've worn it maybe once?
Yeah well, the other day I was out hunting and gathering and when I got back I opened the door to what looked like Bronson covered in blood from forehead to toes. 
Thank goodness, no. It was just my Rosewine by Revlon
Forehead to toes!
I kept what was left of the tube (which was obviously not much) but methinks I need to hire a new babysitter ...
And yes:
Toph was the babysitter on duty when the fatal lipstick attack of 2011 occurred. 
Except not because I kinda need him. 

April 25, 2011

more Easter pics

Easter was awesome! 
I was partial to the jelly beans and B was really into the locating of the eggs this year.
I really liked the colors mom picked for us to wear too. 
Dang, Yates girls (and Yates girls turned Tuttle girls) look good in anything so whatevs. Shoot.

April 22, 2011

temple day!

Today I got to hang out with B outside the temple alone for a bit while 
Toph helped out in the baptistery inside. 
We had some good times but it was super surreal to hang out on the same temple grounds where I got married (almost) four years ago with my 
now (almost) two year old.
Time flies. Sometimes first class.
And here's me after two hours of chasing B around and fishing him out of a fountain several times:
After the temple, my mom, sisters and I went to DI to drop off some items/look around.
Talk about an exercise in self control. 
This no spend thing is much easier from the safety of my non-thrift store apartment. 
I have a mental list going of things I'd love to freepile sometime soon too
(a blazer, nude heels, coral anything, one necklace, one skinny belt, and one thick belt)
 so here's to the power of wishful thinking/people getting rid of their stuff and me finding it!

April 19, 2011

The original!

(my new twin brother)

So yeah, I'm kinda blind. And I finally decided to order some new specs.
I was all set to go the grown up route: wire rimmed, tortoise shell, etc. 
You know how "nerd" glasses are all trendy and what not? I tried to avoid them I really did, but passing up the chance to look like Michael "Squints" Palledorous was too much for me.
 I love The Sandlot like there's no tomorrow.
My fave line is one of Squints', "It's about time Benny, my clothes are going out of style."
And then Yeah Yeah goes, "They already are, Squints."
So when this movie is on, I try really hard not to quote the whole thing out loud along with the actors. Really hard.
Movies, for me, are only as good as their quotable-ness.  
 We have quite a few quotable movie loves over here. 
I'll put another one out there:  
The Man Who Knew Too Little. It's Toph's faveee. Bam.

April 17, 2011

Phone tales.

Life according to the droid:

-We went and grabbed some Chinese food downtown. It was delish but it kept raining on and off. :(
-B tries on lots of clothes and then gets uber ticked when he gets stuck. I take pics while he screams. Typical.
-Mom+Carol came and we went thrifting!!
-I went couponing with Helen. It was hard work! For her. For me there was more than enough time to snap pics.

April 14, 2011

21 twice

Today I've been a mom for 21 months.
Hold your applause please.
It's been a short/long road. 
Some things went by way too fast (the sleeping all day phase? yeah, I kinda liked that one). 
While others took their sweet time (not sleeping through the night for 14.long.months. for example).

One of my favorite things about being a mom is being able to say just that, "I'm a mom." 
When you announce that, all the other moms in the room go, 
"I here ya sister. Welcome to the club."
It's an almost instant thing that binds women together.
People suddenly get why your hair's not combed and why you have crap all over your clothes (blame the kid).
The mom title rocks.
I usually even like it at 12:30am when my head is just hitting the pillow and I'm drifting off to sleep, 
"Mommmmy! Waterrrr!"
That kid melts me.
My baby love. 
Drool and all. Thanks for coming to our family kid, we love you!
Big time.

squeeze inn with the law buddies!

In our quest to go to as many Triple D sanctioned eateries as possible, we hit up The Squeeze Inn in Sacramento last weekend and tried their famous cheese skirt burgers. Good food, great company and awesome weather: Five stars and a hundred bonus points! All of the law families in our ward went together and then stopped by Pinkberry for dessert.  Burgers and froyo are a match made in heaven. HEAVEN I TELL YOU.