May 11, 2011

the state of the union-4

Four years ago today we walked ourselves into the Sacramento temple and got married.
I was 19 and you were 21. 
(Can you believe they let us get married? We were basically still in kindergarten.)
Since then I've had some of the best days of my life. 
Remember the day you found out you rocked the LSAT and
could get into the law school you wanted to attend? 
That was a good one.
Remember the day we got to meet B for the first time?
That was kinda the best day ever if I'm recalling correctly.

Don't get me wrong, there have been some craptacular days for sure too.
But let's just learn from those ones and forget about 'em.
Thanks for sticking around me (and my crazytown fam) for the last four years. 
Thanks for my B. 
Thanks for eternity.

Now: finish your stinking finals so we can go party!!

May 9, 2011

Phone tales.

Life according to the droid:
-B and I dumpster dived  a new chair! I love a good dumpster find.
-B loves baseball. And allll sports, really.
-B loves to try on my glasses. It's cute because he'll prolly need glasses himself in like 2 seconds.
-Toph+B take out the trash together. He asks for "the baby trash" all the time. He's a genius. And he better get used to doing chores. Earn your keep, kid! We love him.

May 2, 2011

One, two, three, four good things.

 I'm just full of happy times today.
First: I literally cut our grocery bill in half by going to Grocery Outlet
That's big news over here.
Second: I bought two new lipsticks at Grocery Outlet for less than one tube at Walmart
So long trying to get the very last dregs out of my massacred tube
Third: We went on a  fam ice cream date!!  Soft serve for 99 cents is king.

The last thing deserves its own paragraph ...

Fourth: Because I scored so many items at the free estate sale that need altering,
I'm having a whole dang Re-Working Week celebration!
There'll be amazing guest posts (seriously, these ladies are top notch), tips, tricks, tutorials, a giveaway and a few other fun things thrown in.
It's May 15th-21st so be here or be in big/crazy clothes that you woulda been able to fix had you been here!

May 1, 2011

big boys do cry. a lot.

Holy cow, what a weekend.
OK, so for the past few months B's had two beds in his (ridiculously small) room because he refused to part with the playpen after we'd already set up the toddler bed.
Well I finally decided it was time to force gently usher him into his "big boy" bed. 
So basically, if I'm talking to you and I insert the phrase, "And big boy beds are so fun!" into our convo out of nowhere, it's because I've been talking the dang bed up all.weekend.long. 
I think I may have even added "big boy" bed praise into my prayers at some point. 

Also this weekend,my friend, who's an avid estate saler, let me in on the little known fact that most estate sales go free at a certain point. 
We hit a really big one that went free at 4 and I got tons of fabric, 
belts, lace and some clothes.

The people at the sale were straight up serious and went a little crazy when we were allowed in to get at the free stuff. 
It was like Tickle Me Elmo was on sale, for reals.
Hello: Estate sales usually happen because someone has 
died/moved on to assisted living. 
Hence, we tried to maintain a little bit of respect while simultaneously 
filling bag after bag super quickly with the items we wanted.
It was an interesting experience for sure.