May 1, 2011

big boys do cry. a lot.

Holy cow, what a weekend.
OK, so for the past few months B's had two beds in his (ridiculously small) room because he refused to part with the playpen after we'd already set up the toddler bed.
Well I finally decided it was time to force gently usher him into his "big boy" bed. 
So basically, if I'm talking to you and I insert the phrase, "And big boy beds are so fun!" into our convo out of nowhere, it's because I've been talking the dang bed up all.weekend.long. 
I think I may have even added "big boy" bed praise into my prayers at some point. 

Also this weekend,my friend, who's an avid estate saler, let me in on the little known fact that most estate sales go free at a certain point. 
We hit a really big one that went free at 4 and I got tons of fabric, 
belts, lace and some clothes.

The people at the sale were straight up serious and went a little crazy when we were allowed in to get at the free stuff. 
It was like Tickle Me Elmo was on sale, for reals.
Hello: Estate sales usually happen because someone has 
died/moved on to assisted living. 
Hence, we tried to maintain a little bit of respect while simultaneously 
filling bag after bag super quickly with the items we wanted.
It was an interesting experience for sure.