June 9, 2011

oh the places we'll go

So it's been two weeks without the car and B and I are loving it (thank goodness)!
A pic I snapped of him today.We have lots of picnics!

If you ever see us walking around & wonder if it is in fact us, here are a few identifying characteristics:
>Stroller full of crap.
  We visited a new freepile today (another score for O.P. Anika! & thanks Heidi!). 
I had a mailbox, shoes, glass jars, & all my normal junk shoved in the stroller basket. 
>Rosy cheeked boy being pushed by a woman who nonchalantly pours sippy cup water on herself.
It's finally warm (again) here!!  A girls gotta do something to keep cool.
>Rosy cheeked boy yelling out something sports related.
Seriously, B has like sports vernacular tourettes or something. 
Out of the blue it's: "basketball HOOP!" SOCCER ball!" "KICK it!" "CATCH it!!"

Of course you could always just run up to us & swab our mouths, draw some blood, & take our fingerprints ...
It's us, we swear!