July 31, 2011

all rolled into one

I can see all of this on my face in this pic:
"Hallelujah my talk is over with!" (I got to give a "grown talk" in church today. 
20 whole minutes of just me up there ... and I survived!)
"I sewed sleeves onto a shirt last minute yesterday and it actually worked!"

Look close, it's all there.

July 28, 2011

easy to please

Last night I was venting to Toph about: 
The house being a mess even though I feel like I'm constantly cleaning, dinner being too spicy, having too much stuff to get done this week, B being a holy terror all day long; same old, same old.
Well, the kid's learning because instead of trying to solve everything by declaring it'll all work out, he simply said, "Lets go for a walk. Put on some fresh lipstick and bring the camera."
Be still my whiny little heart.

I repaid him with a smooch on the forehead. 

My attempt to get the whole fam in a pic!
 Turned out more Us vs. Him though. Fitting, really.

Walks and family time are always a good idea for me.
 Thanks for remembering that, Toph!

July 26, 2011

Talking to two.

"What do you want for lunch, little dude?"
"Ice cream-a."
"What do you want to drink?"
"Ice cream-a."
"Maybe we'll have water and a sandwich though?"
"Ok. I like Ice cream-a and baseball cupcakes. And basketball."

July 18, 2011

Phone tales.

Life according to the droid:

-We hit up IKEA. that little chair needs to come live at our house.
-I tried my hand at gardening. It didn't go too well. Butt I looked the part!! Denim rolled up=farmer.
-B's so cute in my glasses that I didn't even get mad that he could've scratched them!! He didn't or else I prolly would've gotten mad.
-Coconut water mango sorbet is GOOD. Thank goodness for Grocery Outlet. Yep, I bought three. I went shopping hungry and it was smart. This time.
-My hot night time look:muumuu+bun+glasses.

July 14, 2011

his birthday

 I let Bronson pick whatever he wanted to do today (within reason/walking distance)
and here you have it:
A walk to the park and pics with mom.

 Followed by food and lots of it.

(I got a cupcake too cuz you know, the whole 20 hours of labor thing.)

 And when we finally made it home he yelled: "TV in the fort clubhouse pweese, mama!"
How could I resist? 
 TV in the fort-clubhouse it was.

I love this kid! He swooped in, turned our marriage into a family and stole our sleep, attention, snacks and hearts. The past 2 years have flown by. I know the next two probably will also. And I kinda can't wait!

July 11, 2011

we ate TONS of cupcakes.

I'm surrounded by red velvet cupcake wrappers, empty boxes of Cracker Jack, and piles of watermelon rinds. 
B's second birthday party was tonight and now we're living in the aftermath.
I love celebrating that little boy. 
He's officially obsessed with The Sandlot (shocker) so we went with it.

I'm off to go eat another leftover cupcake. 
One less to put in a Tupperware, right?

July 7, 2011

Where it all began

When we went to Utah a few weeks ago, I took these pics in front of the house I lived in during college.
Everyone called it "The White House" cuz it was a white house ...
There was a cat when I lived there too. It wouldn't  leave me alone then either. 

Helloooo cat bum!
Toph and I met and dated when I lived here and he lived a few doors down in The Elms apartments.
We ..... talked a lot on the front and back porch back then.

(When we were engaged and I was still dying my hair all.the.time.)

Yeah, lots of "talking."
I miss those days. Minus the stalker cat.

July 3, 2011

Phone tales.

Life according to the droid:

-I really dig carrot juice lately. I WANT A JUICER.
-Carol came to visit.
-We went to visit and William took a pic with me. Nice.
-B got Toph's old ninja turtle suit from Gma Jo. Cutest.thing.ever.