October 31, 2011

We took B to a farm. Good on us!

We're still adjusting to doing things B might have an interest in so we felt pretty 
Parents of The Year!! when we took him to this little farm/pumpkin patch last weekend:

B liked making "pumpkin families."
Ohmygosh! That tiny little baby goat made me more baby hungry than any human baby ever has. What's wrong with me??? Not sure.
We tried to take a family picture and quickly figured out that families are much happier when there are no kids in them. JKJKJK. But, the proof is in the pictures so ....
They had this wicked cool maze made out of hay and B was brave enough to go through the tunnels and run through the whole thing. I was brave enough to sit still and take pics.
It was a fun day, my fave part (besides that BABY GOAT!!) was the Baja Fresh we had afterwards for lunch. I'm a real outdoorsy type.

October 27, 2011

Day in the life

The Tuttle's life is a fast paced, crash course in awesome.
 Kinda. Here's a bit of how we do:

Ditch the boys at the football field. Tell them to walk home when they're done rough housing.
Drive to the happiest place on earth. Seriously. Show me a store that sells cute fabric for cheap, the most comfortable flats ever, delicious peaches for under a buck a pound, and huge pumpkins and I'll say, "Duh. I've been to WalMart a thousand times. It's my dream birthday party venue!!"
Take your loot home. See how excited B is to have a little pumpkin of his very own.
Go to the library (while B naps) by yourself!! For two whole hours!!!
Babysit B's best friend. Be grateful you don't have twins. (Just kidding Jess, they were great!!)
Have a BBQ/carve pumpkins with friends while talking pop culture and reasons why we need to go to Disneyland asap.
I stinking love the fall.

October 26, 2011

Phone tales.

Life according to the droid:

-B wearing the mask Carlos made for me during my crazy eye life. I never wore it but it looks good on the boy.
-Me being ultra hot+serious.
-The awesome place-mat I made for Thanksgiving.
-One of my black Friday scores!!! I just need to clean it and presto.
-WE HAVE SO MUCH BIRTHDAY CANDY LEFTOVER!!+catching up on my Hulu shows.

October 24, 2011

IHOP. Where Toph's food looked wayyy better than mine.

We decided to hit up IHOP the other day. It was good. I tried to be all "healthy" though and got whole wheat ruffage. LAME. Toph went all out and got the above pile of deliciousness. So jealous. He didn't even give me a bite!! Stupid supportive husband trying got help me reach my clean eating goals .... LAME. B loved his orange juice and we saw a friend from church who works there. I love little family dates!! But next time I'm getting all crazy and ordering a pile of yum too. And I won't give Toph any. Probably.

October 23, 2011

We're dating and I think he likes me!!

 These little curry taco puffs were the most delicious thing EVER.

Toph and I are dating. Well, we went on one date sans B anyway, but we liked it and plan to go on more. SCARY!! COMMITMENT! Anyway, we went and got Thai food and then took a walk through the natural wonder that is Target. OHMYGOSH dinner was so good and it was even better as leftovers the next day. Pad thai+yellow curry is maybe my fave. Over brown rice it's like sleeping in and a Project Runway marathon all rolled into one. Oh and Carlos bought me this 2 dollar J. Crew midi dress from a local thrift store called the The Hope-chest while I was home last week. She says I should count it as my birthday and Christmas present. Done deal gurrl!

October 20, 2011

Phone tales.

Life according to the droid:

-I won a gorgeous hand stamped necklace from Bride Blu. TT=Team Tuttle :)
-Mitten weather!!
-Pretty shoes that I DID NOT buy while thrifting with mom and Carol. OK so they were too big and maybe that's why I didn't get them ... I'm weak!
-Toph has movessss.
-Toto and I are sisters! In skirts!!

October 19, 2011

If you thought you've missed her....

As you know my wife's been away for a week and a half, recovering from an eye infection at her parents house.
On one hand, this has been great because during the week I am so busy with school and work that I couldn't take care of her.
Not to mention this little guy:

On the other hand, when I am at home it is awfully lonely.
SO, if you think its been bad not having regular yours mines & ours updates,
know you are in good company.
I'm so glad they are coming home today!

October 17, 2011

It's a family affair.

We totally look like the Kardashian sisters, right? 
Which means my mom is our Momager. Sweet.

I've been lying around my moms house forever. The highlights so far have been B playing with all his cousins and having a blast.The low point was when the doctor cut my eyelid open to drain it. SO.PAINFUL. Worse than child birth, no lie. (For me at least.) But after that everyting was so much better!! It's amazing. I can't wait to get home though. I kinda miss Toph. Kinda.

October 13, 2011

New shades+more facts.

Everybody is the best! Thanks for all your sweet comments, tweets and FB messages!
I really appreciate them all, nice people are my favorite.
I keep getting lots of questions too and since I'm just sitting here, why not post?
So here's the latest as of right now: 
I feel fine. That's the weirdest thing. I'm literally sicker than I've ever been but I feel normal. It's eery/freaky.
What do I have: Right now? A very large lump in my eyelid. That keeps growing.
Maybe just some rogue infection, maybe my emotions are out of whack and my body is manifesting it through this hideousness, maybe an eyebrow plucking session gone horribly wrong. 
All are viable options so far. Even the emotion thing, I guess.

And here are the new shades my mom decided looked better in public than my robot ones:
Anyway, I'll be fine and I'm just thankful B has cousins and aunts/uncles to entertain him. 
He keeps calling me "scary owie eye." I prefer "Mom" but it's a working title.

Now for something less cray-cray. Kinda:
This SNL skit is keeping me laughing at this not-so funny time. Woof. Bears.
I know I keep mentioning this but it's the most exciting that's happened to me all week:
I got a huge shot in the butt yesterday! (Nice mental image, right?)
Yes, they still do that and yes it KILLED. And yes my mom was in the room. 
Yeah she's seen me in labor but this was a whole new kind of no bueno. Oy vey.

October 11, 2011

Just the facts.

So I wasn't gonna to post til life got normal again but I'm just sitting around, 
basically under house arrest, and things are getting a little bores-ville. 
I'm sick, people. Sicker than I've been like: ever. We're going on day five and it's getting old. 
I had this crazy cold that would.not.go.away. and it killed my immune system. 
And then my eye exploded. Infection time. Big, swollen, infection time. 

The good news: I get to wear these sweet shades 24/7 or people run from me screaming:
 Yep, hidden right under these tin foiled specs lies the love child of Quasimodo + Igor.
Good thing it's October.

I'm at my moms house so B has someone to watch him while I rest and Toph goes to school and she's been taking me to the doctor daily for treatments. 

Things I've been appreciating while cooped up:
Hanes v-necks. Best shirts ever.
Blogs that have their mobile formats switched on. Thank you everyone who's done this!!!! Go do it if you haven't!!! Please!!
Twitter. I feel almost kinda connected to the outside world.
My fam. Couldn't get through this hideous time without you guys. Thanks!!!

Hopefully I'll be back to normal posting someday. I kinda miss it. A LOT!!!

October 6, 2011

Phone tales.

Life according to the droid:

-Me+the lover boy. He looks so happy?
-B board gaming it up with him BFF, Lukas.
-B+daddy ready for church.
-Thrifting with Helen!!
-"Hey everybody it's the new Jan Brady!" I want to wear these every day.