December 29, 2011

best of 2011!

Toph's faves from the past year:
-Finishing his 2L year and starting his 3L year.
-His summer job. Amen to that.
-X-Men First Class. Again: AMEN.
-Buying a marked down HP Tablet. Wayyy marked down.
-Getting a free chrome book to "test" out. For keeps.

Bronson's faves from the year:
-Baseball cupcakes.
-Football cupcakes.
-Basketball nights with dad.
-Real big boy basketball shoes .... sensing a theme.

My faves from the year:
-B's second birthday.
-Getting a new camera for my birthday.
-Making date night a priority again.
-Going to the blogger swap/meet up.
-Gooda coming home!!!
-Taking Gooda out to BYU with my mom+B.

Goodbye 2011. You were good to us.
But 2012 is gonna be HUGE.