December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve was beyond spiritual.

We stuck to family tradition and acted out the nativity on Christmas eve. It was Bronson's first year to be in it and he got to be a shepherd! It was kinda the cutest thing ever. Thank goodness for dishtowels and freepiled sweaters too. 
We went all out for costumes.
The play wrapped with the cast wrestling and rolling around on the "stable" floor.
It was magical.

We also opened new pj's, had homemade Chinese food and pushed the 
couches back together because the motherload couch is what it's all about.

B as a little shepherd boy kneeling in front of Rowan as the huge toddler "baby" Jesus.
Mom's Thai sweet potato+shrimp soup.
The fortunes I wrote for everyone.
B's little basketball pajamas. Smooth move gma.
Putting all the presents under the tree. There were so many!!! Because we have like infinity people in our fam.