December 31, 2012

best of 2012!

2012 is almost over!! And I'm still pregnant!!!  (8 days over due ..... but who's counting?!? Everyone is because if you didn't already know I was overdue, I WILL inform you when you dare ask me how I'm doing, when I'm due, what my name is, etc.)
Annnyway, we've had quite the year. Highlights include:

-Finding out we were pregnant again!!!
-Going to Disneyland!
-Toph graduating from law school!
-Finding out the fetus baby is a GIRL!!
-Bronson turning 3!!
-Toph passing the Bar!
-The summer Olympics (this was definitely one of our greatest achievements of 2012)
-Toph being sworn in as a real lawyer+getting offered a job the same day he was sworn in!!!
- Not having the baby that was due in 2012 come in 2012 ..... maybe, there's still a few hours left!!

2012 turned out to be a long, fast, hard, easy, boring, exciting year. We've been blessed and tried, there have been lots of happy and frustrated tears. Can't wait to see what 2013 will bring us! (Better start with a BABY though!)

December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012!!!!

 Woo hoo stocking stuffers!
My dad IS Santa + Bronson sporting (hehahehe) the Utah Jazz  warm up suit he got from Mama Carlos.
Best gift? I think definitely.
Enough with that dang water bottle, Carlos. Expect yeah, I LOVE mine too!!!
Hulk Smash Bronson was born today. Worst gift? Thanks Toph!
My mom's way more intriguing than Ms. Rodham Clinton. SHE deserves a book deal.
Oh these two. 

Christmas came! And, despite what you see in the amazingly glam and happy pics above, it was ... kinda crappy crazy actually. This year was Bronson's fourth Christmas (I don't even know how that happened) and all he wanted was a green dinosaur and maybe some Legos. Done. As in, he was pretty much done after we opened stockings but we forced him to open all of his gifts (worst parents) resulting in a meltdown that made much more sense when we realized he had an ear infection and pink eye. Best day!! :/ Plus: I'm still very much pregnant with nary a useful contraction in sight. So whatevs. Better luck next year?

December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve. Guess who's still pregnant?!

 Mary, Joseph and fake baby Jesus. Obviously.

 The one wise man we could commission. He insisted he was a king from "RUSSIAN."

Not exactly sure what Bronson was supposed to be, to be honest.

Well Christmas Eve came and went and I'm still very much knocked up. Since I went over with Bronson I'm not too freaked out. Was I hoping to have a newborn and a weird deflating tummy by now? Sure. But I'll settle for Chinese food (our Christmas Eve dinner tradish) and a ginorm basketball belly instead. At least for a few (FEW) more days.

December 23, 2012

happy due date!!

Today is officially my due date. So I didn't really think she'd come early (or even on time) but I hoped. Real hard. So far we're two for two on late babies in this fam, tardiness is our tradition. I'm still feeling pretty great, thank. goodness. Hopefully the next update includes pics of our newest little nugget!

December 22, 2012

he slept through the Christmas lights. what?

Bronson was absolutely enthralled by the Christmas lights this year ... We drove for an hour to see some amazing neighborhoods decked out in their holiday finest and the kid slept the whole time! Ungrateful. Good thing I took lots of pics. Merry Christmas!!!

December 9, 2012

Christmas Partay 2012

We went to the Davis ward Christmas party last night where we ate lots, decorated cookies, watched Bronson chat Santa's ear off ("I tole him I wanted a green dinosaur with batteries!!"), and visited with everybody. I'm due in three weeks (or 5 ... please be on time, kid!) so we'll be in Red Bluff for Christmas but it was nice to celebrate a little bit here in Davis before we take off again. Merry Christmas!!

December 8, 2012

swearing the boy in

Toph is an official lawyer! Kinda. Last night he got sworn in at the law school, it was awesome! Highlights include:
-There was an Atticus Finch reference!
-It was short.
-There was really good food afterwards. (Seriously, so good.)

I was so proud of Toph and all of his accomplishments. As he raised his right hand and pledged to uphold the constitution and all that, everything just hit me and it seemed so official. I'm so proud of all the years of hard work he put into law school. He managed to be a fantastic dad, husband, and Elders Quorum president while getting good grades and passing the bar. Bronson and I are pretty impressed. GO TOPH!

November 18, 2012

35 weeks on my 25th birthday!

Well, here we are: 35 weeks pregnant and I turned 25 today. 25 sounds like a big deal to me but two kids sounds even crazier. Birthday week this year was low key because a) we're trying to spend as little money as possible right now and b) we were so nervous about the bar results that that kinda overshadowed all else. Toph did make the bed all week, surprise me with little candy treats, and kept Bronson busy so I could nap daily though. What a guy. All I really wanted on top of that were some updated family pics. Victoria snapped a few right after church and I love how they turned out! (Even though Bronze couldn't keep his eyes open ... )

These could very well be the last we take as a family of 3. What???! Exciting and mind boggling all at once. Dang.

25 is the new cray cray.

November 16, 2012


yep, he took a pic of his results first thing
the esquire boy himself!
blurry but ecstatic us! right after we found out!

TOPH PASSED THE CA BAR EXAM!!! Dreams do come true, prayers are answered, Toph did study enough, etc etc. As soon as we saw the results, we started jumping, screaming and hugging. It was one of those run around the house yelling type of moments. I'm so proud of Topher and how hard he worked! Deep down I knew he'd pass but finding out for sure was awesome. That kid is the bomb DOT com.

November 10, 2012

The Marine Corps Birthday (OORAH!!)

November 10th is the Marine Corps birthday! Since my dad served in the marines for 20 years (holla) we celebrate the day with at least a little something every year. (Fun fact: I was actually due to be born on November 10th. My parents always say if I'd been born on time they would've named me Marina Cora ... pretty sure I'm glad I hung on for those extra 8 days. Sorry for being late mom, but I lurve my name as is.) This year my older sister hosted and we had a big family dinner followed by birthday cake and a video Toph put together on the history of the marines. We sang jodies and talked about our fave memories from my dad being in the service. Hands down mine is when he took me to the marine corps ball when I was barely 12. I wore this pink vintage dress from a thrift store and asked the hair lady to do my hair like Gwyneth Paltrow's looked for the cover of Emma. Fancy fancy.

October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I've been dreaming about making Bronson into a mini Nap D forever. AND THIS WAS FINALLY THE YEAR. So obviously Toph and I had to be Deb and Pedro, which was awesome because what's cooler than being a knocked up Deb? (Almost 33 weeks, holla!) Bronson wore his (spray painted clown) wig for the pictures then ripped it off proclaiming, "I can't wear this thing, it looks ridiculous!"
I literally can't look at these pics without busting up so maybe he has a point? But oh my heck, ridiculous or not, I seriously wish he'd dress like this everydayyyy. No joke. Happy Halloween!

October 22, 2012

31 weeks

Here we are at 31 weeks. Holy cow. It's gone really fast but thinking about how there's still 9-10 weeks to go is kinda like, "For reals??" I'm ready to meet this new little Tutt, wear normal clothes, and get back to being myself. The thing I'm most excited for though is seeing Bronson meet the new baby for the first time. I hope he gets what it means when we say he's a big brother. I bet he will. He's pretty much a genius by now.

October 19, 2012

more fall fun

Bronson and I went to a Halloween carnival put on by the local elementary school a few nights ago. His faves from the evening included:
- Watching the guy in the dunk tank get dunked every few minutes.
- The "kissing" booth where the booth girl stamped his hand and gave him a chocolate kiss. He was pretty t.o.'d when the stamp came off in the bath later that night. Bummer deal, kid.
- Playing on the school playground equipment. ("Playing" can mean throwing rocks on all the slides with his crazy cousins, right?)

My faves included:
- The pizza we ate before going to the carnival.
- The caramel apples we made before going to the carnival.
- The short walk to the carnival.
- The nice, cool, fall weather.

I'm so pregnant.