January 30, 2012

Big time out on the towners.

We went to IKEA for one thing on Saturday: a new potty chair for B's bum.
It was our big weekend outing. Because IKEA is a big store.
And because potty chair trips are verrrry important.

Things that came home with us along with the chair: 50 cent hot dogs and a dollar cone for the boys. A new shade of lip stick and a new
(on sale!!!) duvet cover for the me. We got home just in time for B to take a nice looong nap, hence the paci+blanket. Someday he'll ditch the paci for good (right??) but for now, it's a lifesaver/super annoying because if we ever forget it while traveling: We're dead. Dramatic truth.

January 25, 2012

talking to two


"Eat your lunch, Bronze. Please."
"Maybe I'll eat my lunch."
"Good idea." 
"Maybe I'll watch tv while I eat."
"Maybe not because I'm not turning it on again."
"Maybe you will turn it on."
"No I won't. And stop saying maybe, please."
"Maybe I will stop. You're welcome mom!!"

January 24, 2012

here & there


1- How our room looks way too often.
2- Apartment dwelling moms everywhere know this trick. I can't wait to have a washer and a dryer!!! Bucket list.
3- We went to downtown Sac a few weeks ago. SO cool.
4- The fridge is a mess+Bronson keeps putting junk in it. Not helping. But funny.
5- Family pic from downtown Sac trip! Not a great one, but we're all in it and pretty much awake so it's a keeper.

January 19, 2012

we took pictures. a bunch of them.


Over Christmas break all of my siblings were able to come home so we made sure to take some family pics in the field by my moms house.  
I have a million more but these are some of the ones I got with my camera. The last pic is my fave fave: all seven of us so stinking grown up. Crazy. It feels like we were all together forever ago but it's only been like 2 weeks. This month is going really slowly. Or maybe I just want gummy bears. Either way, I love my siblings and wouldn't mind seeing them all again someday. BUT I WOULD NEVER TELL THEM THAT IN PERSON!! Mushy mushy.

January 18, 2012

he's two AND A HALF. oh my goodness.

I just realized this kid made it to 2 and a half a few days ago!
That half is so important when you're little. Or when you're a mom and everything is important. 
Anyway, here are some things I want to remember about Bronzo from right now:
- He'll only wear sports themed clothes. Except on Sundays when he gets to wear a tie "like daddy!!!"
- He's obsessed with Topher.
- He loves to dress and undress himself a million times a day. So many b-ball shirts, so little time!
- His favorite song is the alphabet song and he sings it a hundred times a day. Give or take. Usually give.
- Everything he plays with becomes a gun or a sword. Why????
- He just started saying "impressed" "privacy" and he tries to rap when sitting on the potty.
- He's almost potty trained!!! (Fingers crossed I didn't just jinx all the progress in that department by announcing it.)
- He's really sick of me taking pictures of him. As seen above: "Four more pictures mommy, then stop!!"

I'm not sure how so many months have gone by since B made his debut into our fam but seriously, we're so glad they did! 
Best 2 and a half years ever. Literally. I hope B thinks so to.

January 16, 2012

three down & lots more to go. thank goodness.

Last week we went on a Toph planned date and this week I played cruise director for our night out. 
Well it's no secret that I'm obsessed with Triple D and as such, I have a goal to go to as many Guy sanctioned eateries as possible. 
So on Saturday we went to our third one (so far) and it did not disappoint. At all. And then some.

Highlights: OMGosh the best onion rings I've ever had. And special mention to Topher's delish burger and my amazing pizza. After all that, Toph ordered the biggest slice of carrot cake ever and taunted me with it. But I resisted!! Two weeks of no sugar and going strong. (The ketchup you see above was Topher's, I swear! Ketchup being about 1/3 sugar, right?) While we were walking back to the car I saw this gazebo and made Toph take a picture of me in it because hello: Stars Hollow?!! Come to think of it, the restaurant was a lot like Luke's ..... dream.come.true.

January 12, 2012

here & there


1- A baby picture of Toph. He looks the same today, right?
2//3- Polaroids of toddler me that I just got from my mom.
4- We put a second hoop in the living room (on the front door). Genius.
5- A thrift store find from a while ago that I put above B's bed. My mom had the same quote in her room while we were growing up.

January 10, 2012

she reads//The Poisonwood Bible

I got The Poisonwood Bible way back during birthday week and finally got around to reading it a few days ago. I finished yesterday and my brain almost exploded. In a good way. I love when I read a book and know it'll stick with me. Lately, more times than I'd care to admit, I read filler books. Quick but entertaining stories that don't mean anything in the long run (like watching a Lifetime movie. It's all good but not really substantial, you know?), so diving into something like this again was awesome. 


Without going into the plot (most people I know read this one forever ago so I don't want to be too redundant), for me this book was about womanhood, motherhood, independence, faith, and most definitely about Africa. Africa was it's own character. I thought my favorite narrator was going to be Adah hands down, but it turns out I preferred Leah in the end and Congo overall.
There were parts where I laughed out loud, bawled my eyes out, and passages I underlined and made notes next to.  
Barbara Kingsolver is an amazing author. Even after all that, I can't say that this is my favorite book or even in my top 3 (top 5 perhaps), but it for sure made me think. It left me with so many huge+unanswerable questions:

How in the world could 1960's America and 1960's Congo even exist on the same planet as each other?
How can there be so much over abundance here and so much need there?
Why do women stay with abusive husbands and fathers for so long?  
How can women be seen as something to lust after and need but, in the same hour, be treated as sub par and worthless?

And like a million more that I filled the pages of my journal with. Safe to say, I've been Googling Congo history like a mad woman. 
ALSO: This book made me want to read Little Women again! I try to re-read it every year (all time fave book) and I guess I'll be getting an early start this time.

January 9, 2012

Really genius idea, Sir.

So I told Toph not to get my anything for Christmas and aside from the letter, he kept his promise. Except for one other thing: "Hey Meredith, I just planned 5 dates for the next few months." Umm. Best present ever? Yes. I usually "plan" our dates (hence the prevalent thai food+froyo theme) so to have him get on Groupon (and thrifty too?? swoooooon.) and make some real plans was impressive.

First up: roller skating+dinner. 
Pack up the kid+drive to the sitters.

Kid free!! Happy face.

Stuck in traffic. Sad face.

We arrive, time to skate it up!

After so much physical exertion we need sustenance: 
burgers at a local diner+2 player trivia games while we wait for our grub. 

 Pick up the kid and race home to see who will become the family wizard!!!!! 
Disney channel forevah! (/for as long as we get free campus cable.)

 I haven't been roller skating since fourth grade (and that time I forgot socks so my mom ran next door to a thrift store and bought me a pair. nice.) and it was so fun to brush up on my skating skillz!! Toph and I might have been the oldest people there and we got a lot of prepubescent eye rolls from other skaters while we danced/skated around the rink. It was awesome! When they turned on the disco ball and played some funk we were in heaven. I had so much fun. Genius idea, Toph. GENIUS.

January 5, 2012

I've been shredded. Like crazy.

Hallelujah+jump for joy!!

I finished the 30 Day Shred!!
I brought the DVD with me on Christmas break in the hopes the I might actually do it every day and if you 
follow my (all too often used) twitter, you know that I did.
While I was tweeting so much about it, people kept asking if it was "working" as in: "Are you losing weight?"  
When I set out to do the full 30 days I wasn't looking to lose weight.
I was just trying to get back into a workout groove (which I did!). 
Each segment was fast and fun and I was sweaty by the end. Good enough for me. 
Plus: considering the amount of treats I managed to shove into my mouth over break, 
I'd like to thank Jillian for the fact that I didn't turn into Gilbert Grape's mom. 
(The motherload couch was very conducive to fudge consumption. Yum.)

Anyway, overall I loved this DVD.
BUT: If I could I'd combine the cardio from level one, the abs from level 2 and the weights from level 3. 
And here's one more con: Pretty sure my thighs got bigger. Too many squats.
I know it's muscle or whatever but still, I don't really want bigger thighs. 
Speed skating is not my hobby. 

Now what?? 

talking to two

"Mom, I want you to be my best friend."
"Thanks man! I'd love to be your best friend forevah!"
"I'm not man. I'm BRONSON."
"Ooooh yeah. I forgot. Because you haven't mentioned that in like five minutes."
"I want daddy to be my best friend."

January 4, 2012

clean eats

This is how I get us all to eat more veggies. I love this stuff. I dip celery in it just to get more of it in my belly. 
Anyway, here's the super simple way I make my salsa:

2 Jalepeno peppers deseeded+chopped up
One bell pepper (any color) deseeded+chopped up
One 28 oz can of peeled tomatoes (diced or whole)
One small bushel of cilantro
Some chopped red onion
Some chopped garlic
Salt to taste

Throw it all in your blender and blend until it's the consistency you like (we prefer chopped really fine). 
If you're fancy you might have a food processor. In which case throw it in your processor and process until delish.
Side note: Sometimes I put in a handful of spinach to add more veggie oomph.
Also, if you want it spicier (I make it really mild) use a different type/more peppers. I'm pretty sure.

We also love it on sandwiches.
Voila, Toph's lunch today. ^
Mine looked pretty similar just hold the turkey and add some avocado. 
Sooo good.

January 3, 2012

New Years weekend with two college hotties.

Gooda+Carlos were here over new years weekend and we made sure to show them a real good time.  
A real good time included: 
Lots and lots of posing for the camera.
It's just too much fun taking pics with Harper. Dang.

 Getting outside.
Gooda and Carlos went back to Provo yesterday where it's always winter but never Christmas 
so soaking up some CA sun while they were here was imperative. 
Pretty sure we all got tans even!!!

Oh my gosh, Carlos ordered cinnamon roll french toast at brunch on Saturday and it was amazing. 
PS: That's a picture of Bronson eating butter with a straw. Paula Deen style, I guess?

At 9AM. Oh how I'm gonna miss 11 o'clock meetings. The good news? 
We freepiled two fancy coats to spruce up our Sunday bests with!

Not pictured:
-All of us laying on the fold out couch watching movie after movie.
-Going to forever21, Trader Joe's, Target (x2), Walmart and SPCA.
-Each of us eating our own carton of ice cream on new years eve.
-Gooda tooting+burping his brains out. I said it.
-Carol wearing a green face mask and Bronson asking "What happened to your head??" a million times.
-The mess our apartment became with four adults and one toddler living in it for 4 days.
-The freepiling.
-The working out.
-The napping.

We're so glad you guys came! And we're so glad you guys left. 
Have fun at college!!
Guard your carnal treasure, return with honor, remember who you are, and don't take candy from strangers.