January 2, 2012

on (pretty much) not shopping last year

I LOVE making one big, huge, crazy, is she nuts?? news years resolution every year. Last year I made the goal to not shop for myself at all. No thrifting, no online shopping, no new makeup; everything was out. And I pretty much did it. 
Minus about 45 dollars. I posted every time I fell off the wagon I think. But maybe not. 
Maybe I secretly spent tons and am too ashamed to type about it!!! Nope. I didn't. 

Here's what I learned after a year of not shopping:
-I want to move into a thrift store. Staying out of them was the only way I could hold myself back sometimes and I missed them. 
I love cheap clothes. And junk shops full of crap that other people have parted with. Come to mama.
-Swaps rock. I went to 6 this year. It was awesome.
-I am not an online shopper. No problem there.
-Toph is a good listener. After buying a few cheap cameras and then selling them back over guilt/disappointment, he surprised me with the one I really wanted. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. 
-Peer pressure is very real. If other people were spending I really wanted to as well. Good thing there weren't any bridge jumping parties going on. Right?

I bet I learned a lot more but who cares? The point is: I did it! Go me. 

[These pictures are from a thrifting trip I took with Gooda and Carlos this past weekend. 
I didn't buy anything but I did take pics of some of the things I wanted to buy. ALL shoes. Typical.]