February 20, 2012

our mini trip: part 1

Toph had a law conference to go to at Stanford University last week and I decided to go with.
HUGE DEAL: I haven't been away from B overnight since he was hatched! 
(Besides when he was in the hospital but that was super surreal and I never think about it so it doesn't count.)
My mom came to stay with B and we headed off to make the most of not having a toddler in tow.

First we stopped in San Fran to grab breakfast, walk around, and pick up a friend from the airport. We tried to go to the Grubstake for some Triple D action but it was closed (!!!) so we hit up a little local deli instead. It was delish but I realllly wanted to add another Triple D to the list. Dang it. PS: How the heck do people cross that bridge to get into the city every day?? I have a panic attack just thinking about it. Dang it.

Next we drove to Palo Alto and over to the campus. HOLY COW Stanford is gorgeous!! There were fountains and sculptures everywhere, the architecture was incredible and the Memorial Church was amazing. We got lost a few times and saw lots while wandering around trying to figure out where we needed to be. With Bronze safe at home and us out of the house, everything seemed pretty amaze brigade. More pics to come!