February 21, 2012

our mini trip: part 2

While Toph was lawyering at the conference, I wandered around Stanford with my journal, a book, and my camera. 
I kept realizing, "I can sit here and read for as long as I want and no one's gonna climb in the fountains and get me in trouble!! 
Unless I feel like taking a dip and getting myself in trouble." 
Best realization ever. And I was able to refrain from fountain swimming. For once.
(the bathrooms were stellar. bonus points!)

Before we left for the conference, a friend  told us to make sure we saw the Rodin Collection while at Stanford. 
We carved out a few minutes for it and it.was.amazing.

Highlights of the trip:
- the art museum!! (pseudo Hedwig!!!)
- talking to grown ups
- catered food
- bowling with a bunch of future lawyers. hilarious.
- realizing I can survive a few nights without checking on Bronze every few minutes. I didn't think I had it in me.
- wearing the same pants + shoes for three days ... next time I'll pack better.

Thanks for watching Bronze, mom! And you too, Toto! We had a fantab time. :)