February 26, 2012

talking to two ... has been THE WORST lately.

Toph snapped these pics during a rare moment when Bronson would let me near him. We've been having a hard time together lately. (Understatement!!!) Ever since we got back from our trip, Bronze has been really hot and cold. Actually, he's been more like hot and insane. 
One minute he's the sweet, non tantrum throwing kid I've known for the past 2.5 years and the next, he's FREAKING out over everything.  Lately he talks to me like a little teenager, "Mommy get outta my room, I need privacy." "Mom, stop talking. You talk too much!" But, on the bright side: He's also refusing to nap. (kill.me.) We went from four hour naps daily, to zero hour quiet times overnight. Ohmygosh. I quit! Except I don't/can't. 
I love this kid but I'm pretty sure I liked him more when he was respectful and well rested. Naturally, daddy is still uber awesome and B can't get enough of him. So when the, "I no like you mommy, you're not in the cool club!" mood appears and Toph's around, I gladly pass him off. 
More than gladly.