March 29, 2012

B's bowl

 Here are some of the little meals Bronzie's been eating out of Mickey's head lately. 

crock pot sweet potatoes+carrots, crock pot chicken, garbanzo beans

cuties + scrambled eggs

 potato chips, grilled cheese on honey wheat, tuna + veggies

Trader Joe's white cheddar corn puffs, "pooper-roni" pizza, garbanzo beans

bananas, greek yogurt + berries, cheddar cheese 

BTW, white cheddar corn puffs from Trader Joe's are the best.
 SO GOOD. So addicting.

March 27, 2012

we break for spring

Last week was Toph's spring break. After being at BYU forev we're still like, "What's spring break?" so usually the week sneaks up on us without planning to do anything. Not this time! This year we planned ahead and decided to head back to Utah to visit family + friends during break. But: We couldn't make a final decision until we knew what the weather would be like for driving. On Sunday night we made a final weather check and then decided to head out Monday morning. I'M SO GLAD WE DID!!!

The week was jam packed. We saw Carlos and Gooda, hung out with Topher's fam, made sure Bronze got to see where Jimmer played, ate delish food, Toph saw Hunger Games and I went to the  Provo temple with Gooda while Carlos babysat.
We visited with friends who'd moved from Davis to Utah and saw their new awesome house. Toph's mom took Bronze to a trampoline place and he went nuts jumping into the foam pits.
I also found some time to meet up for lunch + thrifting with some awesome bloggers!! (Thanks for hanging out so last minute Megan, Diana and Ashely!) It was such a fun, busy week.
Thank goodness the snow in the mountains came before and after we were driving through them. Thank goodness Bronze does awesome in the car. Seriously, we don't have a a DVD player or anything, our car trips are the old school talk fests and sing alongs of my childhood. 11 hours each way of singing, talking, snacking and napping; I love it. The only thing that ticks our kid off in the car is when the sun gets in his eyes. Next time: sunglasses for everybody.

March 26, 2012

she reads//he reads

When Toph and I met, one of the big things that drew us to each other (aside from our mutual and blatant modeling skills) was that we both loved to read. He'd only met a few girls who liked to read for fun and I'd NEVER met a boy that did. It was on my list. It was on his list. 
Since being Mopher, we've swapped and discussed books. It started with me lending him a copy of  Cheaper by The Dozen so he'd get some of the lines I always quoted from it. After we got married, we kept swapping our favorite reads or reading new books together so we could talk about them. We call it "husband & wife book club" because that's a super original name. We're getting it trademarked.  

So far in the club we've read:
Cheaper by The Dozen (my pick. such a fun + fast read)
The Harry Potter series (his pick. and one that we repeat every now and then)
Gone With the Wind (my pick. it's soooo good!!)
The Hunger Games trilogy (mutual pick)
The Poisonwood Bible (his pick. so glad I finally read it!)
I feel like I'm forgetting some ... whatevs.

Yesterday we were talking about what we wanted to read next. I think I'll try and tackle Watership Down finally, it's one of his faves and I've been putting it off forever. I want him to read The Help, I think he'll love it. He'd better!!!! But no, I really think he will.

March 21, 2012

B's bowl

I love seeing what other kids eat and I love putting together B's little meals every day.
 With those loves in mind, I thought I'd share some of the things my boy puts away:
a cutie, shredded mini wheats+almond milk, greek yogurt+frozen berries

 homemade tortilla, beans+cabbage+onion+tomato, cheese

 homemade applesauce, PB & honey on an English muffin, raisins

a cutie, Trader Joe's skinny fries, turkey, cheese

 homemade applesauce, a cutie, grilled cheese on an English muffin, Newman's sandwich cookies

Bronze pretty much only wants to eat out of the Mickey bowl we got him for Christmas. (Target, clearance!)
I have to wash it a lot but it's cool, I'm just glad he's so into such a simple present still. I also love how it helps divide his little foodies up. Presh. PS: Guess which fruit's been on sale at Grocery Outlet lately??

March 20, 2012

talking to two

"Mom? You read me a book?"
"Yep, right after I finish this email."
"You don't need to 'puter, you need to read a me. NOW."
"OK I'm done! Let's hit the books."
"NO!! WE DON'T HIT!! We read. You're very sweet to me, Mom."

clothes bribery

We went to a baptism on Saturday and it was awesome! And B would only agree to come if we let him wear bball clothes under his church clothes. Done. (Lately he's been really into doubling/quadrupling up. Layering? I'm down with. 4 pairs of athletic pants/shorts on top of each other? Not my fave. There have been lots of baby voiced, "Oh no!! My pants are stuck!!" cries echoing from the bathroom lately. Fun phase for sure.) 
After the baptism we hit the church gym to let B run wild. (He wasted zero time in stripping down to his uniform.) I even made two baskets! And I managed to keep my church clothes firmly in place while doing so. 

March 19, 2012

clean eats

One of my favorite things to make (and eat!!) are tortillas. Oh man, they're so goood. 
And so simple. Here's the recipe I've been using for a while: 

           3/4 cup warm water 
           1 tsp salt
           2 cups flour 
           1/3 cup butter (or coconut oil)

Put the warm water in a bowl and let the salt dissolve in it. Add the flour and butter (the butter should be semi softened but not super super soft) and mix it all together until it forms a nice dough ball (add a bit more flour if it's too sticky or a tiny bit of water if it's super dry). Cut the ball into several pieces (I usually get about ten pieces from each batch) and roll each smaller piece into a ball. Cover all of the little dough balls with a kitchen towel and let them rest for about 15 minutes. After they've rested, roll each one out on a floured surface with a rolling pin. Cook the flattened dough on a hot skillet for a few minutes on each side. Enjoy hot and smothered in avocado!!!!

 And beans, and cheese, and onion, and anything else you can fit on them.

March 15, 2012

inspired by the tube

We were all watching Cupcake Wars. Bad idea.
It made me want to throw bricks through downtown cupcake shop windows and high tail it, stolen sugar laden mini cakes in hand. The very worst (and illegal) kind of want. 
Instead of doing that, I turned to plan B: switch off the TV and make some clean cupcakes with Bronze. He wore one of my aprons, I wore one of my aprons. I have an extensive collection. We made a dozen, we ate a dozen; there were no survivors. 
So basically: we won the cupcake war.

March 13, 2012


Aside from the sleep confusion hell that is "springing forward" (B's still awake and it's 1:59 am!), today was one to remember. We were at the mall this morning and I was trying to keep B entertained while Toph got some mall errands done. We rode the escalators and the glass elevator, we went in the shoe store and B told me about every type of shoe and what sport they were for. We moved our hips like those moving display shelf thingies. (Bronze was way better at that than me. No surpreeze there.) We hugged every single Mickey item in the Disney store. We watched the carousel spin 'til I was crazy dizzy. It was all so exiting for him, pretty sure he's never really been to a mall.

Eventually, B started asking me to buy him things. I kept telling him, "Sorry kid, not this time. We don't have money for that." As we were leaving he glared at me, "Why we have no money mom? Why you say no?!" Ummm ... Which reason to give him? "Because this isn't the freepile/a thrift store/the Target dollar bin and you can't just pick anything you want out." "Because daddy's in law school and it costs lots of money." "We do have some money but I'm not spending it on mall crap. Plus, you have too much stuff at home already." I settled on a mixture of all of the above.
Later on we played baseball outside and B shouted, "We have money to play baseball!!"

I remember someone saying the four most caring words to use on those we love are, "We can't afford it." Well, I hope B knows I love him.
I also hope he knows, even if we had all the money in the world, the Team Tuttle motto is: Why buy new when you can buy thrift?

March 8, 2012

here & there


1- Bronze is finallly into chalking up his (contact paper) chalkboard wall! Maybe because I finally got him some chalk ...
2- The most amazing art monument EVER can be found on Stanford's campus.
3- Toph snapped a pic of me in my Sunday best. While I busted a running man The Fresh Prince would be proud of.
4- Mommy and B tents: a daily occurrence.
5- B freaking out because a bunch of girls climbed into the fountain we were looking at. Fountain hoppers!

March 7, 2012

a smallish family trip


As luck would have it, right after we got back from the no kid trip, Toph got a call from our brother in law about another conference in Palo Alto. 
It was last weekend and this time we all went, it turned out to be pretty great. 
B and I hung out at the hotel mostly and swam. And swam and swam. All that swimming made him exhausted and he was asleep by 7:00 each night. 
With the boys at the conference and B knocked out, I was left with hours to myself. To read!! And watch Hulu! And eat takeout!! Oh and we explored the campus a little bit more too, yada yada yada ... uninterrupted takeout and TV trumps "history" and "architecture." Am I right? As B would say (and did, a lot): "Best.Trip.Evahhh!"

March 6, 2012

clean eats

 We had a bunch of frozen fruit that needed to be used up so used it to make this a few nights ago.
I liked the blended frozen fruit better than the actual finished product but I thought I'd share anyway. Since sharing is caring.

                 1 cup frozen blueberries 
                 2 cups frozen mango 
                 1/2 cup applesauce 
                 1/4 cup water
                 1 Tb honey or 100% maple syrup (optional)
                 1 tsp ground flax seed (optional)

Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender/food processor until smooth. Add water as needed to make it easier to mix.
Spread the mixture on a greased or parchment lined cookie sheet. Spread it evenly and pretty thin (if it's too thick it won't dry out very well). 
Place in the oven and set the oven to your lowest setting (150 degrees-ish) because we're just trying to dry it out not cook it. 
Dry for 6-10 hours. (I put mine in overnight and by the morning it was ready.)
Makes two sheets worth.

The side that's been against the cookie sheet comes out shiny and smooth, like real fruit leather!!!
You can make this with any fruit combos you like and cut the finished leather into any shapes you want. 
B and I made some circles with ours, which he naturally deemed basketballs of food.
 "Slam dunk in my mouth!!"

Not loving this didn't stop me from eating most of it. 9 weeks without sugar!!! Woo hoo!!

March 5, 2012

talking to two

"Mom? You are my mom."
"You're right, Bronzie."
"And I am your son. And Topher is my dad."
"Yep. But why do you call him Topher?"
"Because I am his son."
"Do you like being our son?"
"Because you told me to."