April 26, 2012

clean eats

This was good. And real easy. A few of my favorite things.

One cup milk (I used 2%. Milk with a little bit of fat in it will work better.)
One cup frozen strawberries
2 TBS 100% maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
2 TBS Greek yogurt (optional, I added it for a protein boost)

Blend everything together in your blender until the strawberries are well incorporated with everything else (blend for less time if you want bigger strawberry chunks). At this point you can either just drink the blended mixture (best.strawberry.shake.ever.) or stick it in your ice cream maker and make it into ice cream. We ate ours right after it was done mixing in the ice cream maker so it was nice and soft. You could always freeze it up a little bit more in the freezer before scarfing though. If you want. This made about 4 cups? Maybe? I'm not really sure, we ate it too fast to really measure ....

PS: You can make this with other frozen fruits too. Frozen mangoes and blackberries are some of our faves over here!

April 23, 2012

clean eats

One tradition from my childhood I'm clinging to for dear life: strawberry shortcake for Easter dessert.
No sugar this year? No problem, shoot.

Shortcake ingredients: 
2 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup coconut oil (or butter)
1/4 cup honey 
1 mashed banana
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs

Sift together flour, baking soda, & salt. In a separate bowl, cream together the coconut oil (or butter), honey and banana for a few minutes. Add in the vanilla and eggs. Add the wet ingredients to the dry, mix together. Make large biscuit shapes on a greased cookie sheet and cook for 8-10 minutes at 375. Makes 8-10 shortcakes.

Wash and cut up two containers of strawberries. Drizzle generously with 100% percent maple syrup. Put them in the fridge for a few hours so they get all juicy.

Layer shortcake and strawberries, top with real whipped cream (as in: whip up some cream or half & half until it's fluffy and top it with that) or top with a dollop of Greek yogurt (that's what we did). Eat way more than you should.

Another thing I like about this "shortcake" recipe?
 For sugar/chocolate eaters, throw in a handful of chocolate chips, 
form the dough into smaller pieces on the baking sheet, bake, and you've got:

  I made some for some friends and they were a hit plus Topher and B loved them too. 
Kinda like chocolate banana scones in weight and texture, they said. :)

April 19, 2012

talking to two


I've been meaning to get more of our convos on video and I finally got one!
(And you can actually see it now, sorry it was set to "private" for a second!)
He may not be the easiest to understand but we usually know exactly what he's saying. 
And say he does. All.the.time.
I'd love to pull a Truman Show on this kid and have his whole life on film. He's my favorite. 

April 18, 2012


These are for reals pics of me after running almost 4 miles. I may have to submit them to a few fitness mags.

Running the arboretum was my wildcard bucket list item. I added it to the list and then realistically crossed it out and scribbled "YEAH RIGHT" in its place. Because, yeah.right. I no run good. In spite of that, I've been trying to get more into it for the past few weeks and had built up to going out for 20 minutes consecutively (killlled) so far. Well, that time was blown out the water last Saturday when I strapped on my trusty spandex and hit the arboretum trail. I got out there with the goal to make it to 25 minutes. Here's what I remember thinking about on my longest run yet:

"Woah. I'm already at the law school. I'ma keep going. Say Yes to the Dress was bomb last night. I love Big Bliss addition. If I could buy a new wedding dress, I'd go with a short one. Oooh, I want to take a picture there! Pretty. I can't breathe, I need to slow down. I'm already getting passed by walkers though. Whatevs, at least I'm still going. I wonder if Bronson will be up by the time I get back? Hope not. If I actually run this whole thing Toph's gonna be so proud!!! Keep going. When I get home I want a ginorm glass of ice water. And a donut. But not. I'm at the stables?? Never made it this far before. Suh-weet. Oh man, that grandma just passed me. But I can't go faster and still run. Breathe! Breathe!! I wonder if I should delete Pinterest and get a Tumblr. I never use my Pinterest. School of Rock is so funny. We really need to watch it again. I wonder if it's on netflix instant play? Friday Night Lights is getting so drama. It's kinda like Degrassi with football. And Tim Riggins. Tim Riggins should be president. No joke. HOLY CRAP I'M AT THE END OF THE LOOP!! Wait, now I have to run back? Breathe. Don't Stop! Just slow down. I think I'm gonna make it!!!! Woah, wedgie. Hope no one's behind me. We're clear. It's so gorgeous out here! I want to stop running. BUT I WON'T." Etc.

Maybe I should start running with music?

So I made it, I ran every step. It took me 43 freaking minutes but it was worth it. I felt so awesome running up to our front door in the last few seconds!!! Not awesome enough to wanna try it again anytime soon but .... Toph made sure to snap a few pics this time anyway so it's well documented. Crossing it off the list!

April 17, 2012

talking to two

"Bronson, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
"A poo-face."
"Whaaa? I thought you'd say Jimmer?"
"No. I want to be a poo-face ... LIKE YOU!!"
"Umm, thanks for wanting to be just like me? And btw, we DON'T say poo-face."
"Oh, OK. Team Tuttle doesn't say poo-face. Awwwkward."

clean eats

 If you follow me on instagram (80% pictures of Bronze, 15% food, 5% crazy faced pics of me, you so want in on this) you probably noticed that I like to juice some veggies/fruit every day. I've been into juicing for a while but now I'm snapping a pic of my concoctions daily. I love everything about making my own juices except all the leftover pulp. What to do with it?? I've baked it into muffins, added it to pancakes, straight up thrown it away (nooo!) and the other day, I made burgers with it. Behold: how to make the bean + veggie burger:
Take about two cups of veggie pulp or finely grated veggies of your choice (I like to try juicing everything so this pulp is a mix of sweet potato, red cabbage, carrots, apple, and spinach but you can try any veggies you prefer. Mushrooms, cauliflower, green onion, etc.)

Throw the veggies it in a blender/food processor with two eggs, a 15 oz can of drained beans 
(any type, I've tried black and pinto so far), one tablespoon cumin, some chopped garlic, and a tsp salt/pepper 
(or customize to your fave flavors. Try paprika, chili powder, basil, ranch powder etc.). Blend it all together.

Shape to form patties. Place the patties on a hot, oiled skillet.

Cook on both sides for a few minutes. Make sure it's long enough to get a nice brown crust and to cook the eggs in the mixture.

Place cooked burger on toasted sourdough with swiss cheese, bell pepper slices, mustard, avocado and red onion. 
Or you know, whatever you want.

-The eggs are included to bind the mixture.
-Because I always use just the pulp in my burgers, my mixture is fairly dry. If you use grated veggies, your mix could be a little wet. My suggestion would be to really drain/dry the beans and to add a little bit of flour or breadcrumbs (a few tablespoons probably) to the mix.
-I usually get about 6 patties out of one of these mixtures. I've been wrapping up the uncooked extras, freezing them, and then pulling one or two out to cook up for lunches/dinner later on.

April 16, 2012


Davis has a farmers market twice a week year round. There's one on Wednesday night and one on Saturday morning. We went to the Saturday morning market plenty over the past few years, but never once made it to the more popular + hipper Wednesday night market. 
On the bucket list it went.

There was music, food, and farmers marketing. In short, it was everything we hoped for and more. Except, I feel like the free samples were more plentiful on Saturday morning so I'm not too broken up over the whole "We should've gone to the Wednesday night farmers market more when we had the chance!!" thing. Free trumps hip.

B's bowl

B's been eating NON STOP lately. He must be growing. That would explain the facial hair and college applications. 

 apples, crock pot curry, jasmine rice, apples

mashed sweet potatoes, chicken nuggets, strawberries

 candy cane, taquito, carrots

 pretzels, string cheese, cuties, peanut butter

cheese, garbanzo beans, apples, kettle chips

And that taquito + candy cane combo is a secret family recipe so I can't really share how I made it ... sorry, it's out of my hands.

April 13, 2012

clean eats

When I saw this naan recipe on Food Coma a little while ago, I was all over it. I make pizza a lot and using these for pizza crust was perfect and much easier (only 4 ingredients, no yeast!!) than my usual crust. I even made it just like she said! ... With one small change:
I only used whole wheat flour. They turned out great and we topped our pizzas (we put the toppings on right before the step where you put them in the oven to finish baking) with all sorts of deliciousness:

We ended up with 6 mini pizzas using this recipe. They all got eaten. Really quickly.

April 11, 2012

here & there


1- TAPE BALL! I went ahead and peeled the masking tape stripes off our living room wall the other day. The wall's so naked now. #moving :(
2- B "made" his bed and wanted me to take a pic. He's been obsessed with that little green blanket from the beginning of time.
3 & 4- We spent the day with my family and my little sister played paparazzi with my camera. B was thrilled to bursting.
5- Here's what went into B's first official Easter Basket! I've been saving those shoes for months (I thrifted them back in January). He immediately deemed them football shoes (naturally) because they're brown. Whatever gets them on his feet.

April 9, 2012

q&a: photography

I've gotten a few questions about what I use for my pics. Today's the day I tell all. 
Prepare to be blown away with my incredible photography genius. 
It's a newborn genius and maybe more of a photography half wit right now but ... still. Being blown away might happen.

First up, here's what I lug around:
1- My camera, aka: the best gift EVER from Topher. I shoot in two modes: AV when I'm outside and Sports when I'm inside/there's no light. Real photographers are probably cringing right now! :( I really wanted to go the manual route but after a few weeks of it,
 I realized I couldn't keep up with B if I was adjusting my settings all the time. So far, my way works great for me and the shots I like to take.

2- The lens I got for Christmas! I never change it (I reallly should before I take videos though ... ) 
because I love the blurred (bokeh) background look. This lens helps me get it every time.

3- Another gift from Toph, this remote has changed EVERYTHING about self photography!!
 And it was only 4 bucks. Word.

4- I found my dad's old tripod (that hadn't been used in forever) a while ago. 
 Long gone are the days of propping up my camera on books or the hood of other people's cars. Fancy!!

After I take my shots, upload them to my comp, and decide which ones I want to pretty up and keep;
 here's what I use on the blog machine to edit + save them:

1- I used to use picnik all the time for photo editing but since it's closing soon I've moved on to pixlr. Pixlr's free and it has a few main options to choose from, I go with the express one because it's super simple/fast and has tons of editing tools. I love the font varieties, the color adjustment tool and the effects. I usually upload a pic, crop or adjust the color if necessary, put an effect over the pic (I LOVE the Janine effect scaled back to about 60%. It's under the "Subtle" effect label), and add text if I want to (I love the font Jenna Sue right now! It's under the "Handwritten" text label).  After editing, I save the pic back to my comp and then .....

2- I upload and save to my photobucket account. Uploading pics straight from the comp to my blog ruins picture quality. 
If I save to photobucket first and then upload from there to blogger, they look much better. 
Which everyone probably already knew but I just figured out last year. Like I said: newborn genius/half wit.


Annnnnnd: That's about it. No yeah, that's it.


This past weekend we went to our community center Easter egg hunt. It was way fun for B and it helped me cross something off the 
 to do in Davis before we leave bucket list (go to one more community center activity: done). 
I love that the hidden eggs were all empty, everybody swapped them in at the end for identical treat bags. Genius. 
Because B only ended up with like 5 eggs anyway. He wasn't aggressive enough in his hunting, dang it! 
I'm not so sure he's my offspring anymore ...
 We arrive, he's stoked!

He finds out we're gonna eat breakfast before he can hunt: devastation! I'm still excited: free food!!

Half a sprinkle covered donut later: he's back to stoked.

Time to hunt!! He so rocked that 2 year old only hunt zone. 5 eggs worth of rockage.

I wish we'd started going to community center activities like 2 1/2 years ago!!! It wasn't until this past school year that we've been making our way to community center stuff. Every event we've hit has been great (caramel apple making, calligraphy class, free pizza nights, the Halloween party, the Chinese new year celebration, a clothes swap, painting nights .....) and we probably should've taken more advantage. I'm still mourning thinking about all that free pizza we missed out on. How do you get over a loss like that?!

April 8, 2012

Easter best

The highlights of the day (so far):
- Filling an Easter basket for Bronson for the first time! He loved it.
- Bronson actually agreeing to wear his blazer, tie and church shoes (thrifted, homemade, thrifted) to church! He kept saying, "I'm a big church boy. Like my dad."
 -Toph agreeing to wear the tie I made for him! Not that he'd say no (I think) but still, minor sewing triumph!!
- Sacrament meeting! The talks and musical numbers were amazing. We also sang one of my fave hymns:
He lives to bless me with His love, He lives to plead for me above. He lives my hungry soul to feed, He lives to help in time of need.
- Looking forward to dinner (sweet potatoes + chicken), dessert (homemade strawberry shortcake), and a family walk.