May 31, 2012

something to look forward to

Guess what? Studying for the bar is wayyy worse than law school. Says me, the voice of authority on this blog. Every night in his little before-bed prayer, Bronson says, "Please help daddy study good for the bar exam." And every night I want to second that request mid prayer with a "Holla!!" We see Toph less than we used to (under.statement.) and B misses the crap out of him. 
Enter weekly family night. 
It's a must, we need something to look forward to and Bronze needs some alone time with just us (we're crashing with my parents, grandma, and two youngest siblings still at home this summer). 
Last week we kicked it off by going to the river to skip rocks at Toph's request. 

B wore mismatched shoes  (what else is new?).
Toph skipped rocks like a rock skipping pro (a legit alternative career option if this law thing doesn't pan out).
And I rocked a three day matured french braid + thrifted leather huarache sandals that I keep instagramming because they're the most exciting thing to happen to my feet in a long while.
End scene.

May 25, 2012

looking on the bright side

I have a realllly hard time finding anything good about the tiny town my parents live in. I kinda need to stop snarking on it and just try to make this summer the best it can be for Bronson. He loves it here and that should be enough for me. (But he also loves eating crap off the floor and that's so not enough for me. I need my crap served on a plate. Picky picky.) Anyway, tonight I saw that the light was delish and the field across from my parents place is a two year old boy's paradise. So out we went into the windy wind to take some pictures together.

I can't really stay snarky when B's in a good mood. 
He's the best kid ever in my book (with unparallelled shoe matching skills
and this summer's gonna be fun. Or bust!!

May 24, 2012

faux bridals, whaaat?

When we were all wedding prepping and whatevs back in the day, I never took bridals. I just didn't really get the point. However, while we were taking our updated pics for our anniversary the other day, I was all about getting some shots of just me. Marriage has made me more narcissistic. So let it be known.

As long as the dress fit, I wanted some fun/crazy pics of me in it. Toph took these shots because using my tripod was real tricky in the whiteness of tightening death. Thanks Toph, I really like these shots. Especially this one: Just me in my element.

Poster child for prancing. No problem.

making up for lost time

Toph and I got engaged in downtown Disney on Christmas day 2006 on the balcony of the Jazz Kitchen. He asked, I said a super coherent,"Uh huh" and then the fireworks from Disneyland went off. We only took one pic on the actual night (pinterest would be so ashamed) and I've always wanted to go back and get a shot of the place. Mission completion!

May 21, 2012

the boss for a day

Let me just say this one more time: Topher graduated!!
 He even walked and it was fun and we made a trip out of it.

We spent two days + nights away from Bronson (and I was way more nervous this time than last time. Not sure why but I'm probably just getting less mature as time goes on. We all saw it coming.) and it almost felt like the old days. The old days minus the best part of the new days. I love our weird little kid. 
Anyway, besides missing Bronson, we went to the drive in, ate out a lot, took pics at the temple, I went shopping (!!), Toph took his last final, we walked by the old apartment (it's so empty and sad!), saw some friends, walked through the law school one more time, and watched way too much hotel TV. (My parents don't have TV at their house and it should be illegal.) 
It was a great trip and the actual graduation turned out to be way more interesting than I thought it'd be. I spotted Toph right as he walked in and he totes saw my double fist pump and heard my very enthusiastic, "Woo hooo!!!!" as he walked across the stage in his fancy cap + gown. 

Guess what else I did on the trip? Ate sugar!! That's right, I decided to go a little nuts and eat a tiny bit of Trader Joe's licorice and a few Jelly Bellies to celebrate. Guess what else?? After I ate them I didn't want any more. At all. Four and half months of no sugar has literally curbed my addiction. When we got back, my mom made Toph a carrot cake to celebrate (my mom's carrot cakes is ridiculous, it's so good) and I had a few bites and was just done after that. I'm kinda impressed and thrilled that I can indulge but stop before I go too crazy now. It's super liberating and if given the choice between the sugary stuff and fruit or whatever, my taste buds totally go for the natural thing. I'm amazed but after this mini deviation, I'm definitely going back to full time no sugar, I just feel way better that way. PS: If you haven't had the Trader Joe's soft Australian licorice before, have a piece. Da best. And I'm the temptation devil.

(I feel like I have to add: For the actual graduation, I wore heels. But not contacts because they killll my eyes. Full disclosure.)

May 19, 2012

the state of the union- 5

So our anniversary was on the 11th but we were moving that day and barely had time for a "Happy 5th!!" in passing. We decided to postpone the merriment (code for: eating of food) until we were more settled.
A few days ago we went back to Davis for Topher's last final and graduation and made that mini trip into our anniversary hooplah. (More on that later but let me just say we left B with my mom for TWO nights again. Crazy!)
One of the things I've been wanting to do was pop over the the temple and get some pics in our wedding fancy's (to update our original wedding pics with) and we finally did!

Never mind the remote in my hand and cars in the background. We took the pics ourselves and real quick because my dress was literally cutting off the circulation to my arms and rib cage. BUT IT ZIPPED! Miracle. I try to put it on every anniversary and so far it's fit every year except one (the 30 weeks pregnant year, no freaking way). Pretty sure I won't be wearing my dress ever again but it's been fun for our first 5 years to reminisce with that tradition.
Happy anniversary, Toph! How the heck have 5 years gone by already? How is Bronze almost 3 and you're already done with law school?!? Life is the literal craziest.

May 10, 2012

the biggest deal in the world. right now. to me.

People move every day. So me being all, "We're moving!! SO SAD!" for weeks has everyone going, "Shut it and move on, girl." I bet. But I can't! Yet. Toph and I have only lived in two apartments since getting married 5 years ago (tomorrow! our 5 year anniversary is tomorrow!?!). We've only moved once. Our first apartment was an experience. We re-did the floors, painted everything, took the popcorn off the ceilings, and re-did the kitchen and bathroom from the floor up while living there. We lived there two years and when we moved, I bawled. (I get really attached to places, not things.) Those first two years of marriage were hard (to say the least) and I thought I was ready to move on and start somewhere fresh by the end. When it actually came time to walk through the empty apartment one last time before locking up though, I just stared into each room still filled with good and bad memories and didn't want to leave.

Apartment number two here in Davis was a surprise. We didn't get to see it before moving in and it turned out to be your typical student housing: white walls, half the size of our first apartment, crappy parking, and cement floors. But we loved it immediately and we made it home. A few months ago, I was getting trunky. I was feeling ready for a new space to decorate and a new daily routine. Then we started packing. Packing up Bronson's room yesterday was the hardest part so far. I just kept thinking about him being tiny and rocking him to sleep in that little room. About finally getting the decor just how I liked it and all the fun we'd had in there together. Reading books, drawing on his chalkboard wall, sewing in my corner while he slam dunked on his bball hoop (bad memories of tantrums and all nighters begone!). And it all hit me again: I don't want to leave! 

These past three years have been the best of our marriage so far and honestly, law school rocked for us and brought us closer as a couple (mushy mush). It went by so fast and I don't feel ready for the next phase yet. The next phase is one of uncertainty, we're leaving school (like so many others) without a job offer and we're moving in with my parents for the summer while Toph studies for the bar. We've never lived with family before and even though I'm excited to have more people to hang out with, and to have more help with Bronson while Toph's off studying, it's going to be an adjustment for sure. (Also: free rent!! We're excited for that too, thanks parents!!)

So many good things happened for us in Davis and I'm sure life will be stable and normal again someday, but for right now, things feel wonky.
I started this blog when we moved here and it's the end of an era. It's become the catch all for recording trips, holidays, toddler convos, birthdays, date nights, anniversaries, and so much of B's life.The blog will definitely go on with us but things will be different.
Just leaving behind our insanely fast on campus housing internet will be a big change. :(

People keep asking what we're most excited about now that law school is over. Why, paying off the soul crushing debt, of course!! False. I'm most excited for maybe getting a job and settling into another familiar that I can get attached to again. Toph's most excited to wear all those fancy robes at his graduation next week.
What we're gonna miss though, is too long to list (top three: dollar pizza, freepiles, and being walking distance from literally all that is necessary to have a happy life). For reals. Goodbye Davis!!! (For now!) We've lurved your hippie, bike riding face to pieces.

May 8, 2012

beachy keen

While we were in southern CA for Disney, we also made sure to fit in a beach trip and a wedding. (Lolo, I didn't take any pics of your weddang!!! I meant to but was too busy chasing Topher around. I mean Bronson. You looked gorgeous though!!! In your smelly Lope way, that is.)
I grew up in San Diego and got so sick of the beach (and the San Diego Zoo. We went all.the.time and I still haven't seen a tiger there. Liars.) because we went so often, plus: sand's the worst. Now that I've lived away from the beach for a while though, I love to go back whenever we can (I was just looking back at B's first beach trip actually. He was so wittle/huge!!). Absence really did make my whiny heart grow fonder. 
We had s so much fun jumping in the waves and trying to get B to put his shirt on the right way. (He wouldn't hear of it.) It was freezing but like I said, I like sweats at the beach. It's cozy du jour. ("Du jour means crash positions!!!") Good thing my brother still lives in San Diego so we have an excuse to visit every now and then!! I'm not quite ready to hit the zoo again though.

And I still hate sand.

Disneyland recap. Let's DO this.

My fam's been planning a Disneyland trip since January but I couldn't blog about it before because the whole thing was a birthday surprise for my older brother. He reads my blog. Every single day. Maybe. I don't actually know, but I didn't want to be the party pooper so I tried to keep it hush hush just in case. Last week was the week and I took a lot of pics. Like I said, it was Bronson's first time going!!! Oh man.
(mandatory front gate shot!)
 (first ride ever!)
(This ride B loved it.)
(mandatory ears!)
(Too much. For reals.)
(STAR TOURS! One of my faves, right after Pirates. Which we took B on and he loved!)
(Birthday din din in Downtown Disney!)
(Tarzan boys.)
(B, Toph and Carlos + Toto!)
(My favorite picture ever. Pretty much sums up the whole trip.)

We went for three days and by the end, we were all ridiculously tired. Two days would've been sufficient but it was SO fun nonetheless. Thanks mom and dad for taking us with you!! Our Mickey obsessed kid had a field day and seeing everything through his eyes was too cool! PS: B's fave ride was Toy Story. Hands down. Genius.