June 26, 2012

talking through movie night

Last night we set up my parents projector, opened the windows to let in the miraculously cool night air, and sat down to watch We Bought A Zoo. Finally.  
Bronson really liked all of the animals in the movie but mostly he was concerned with the mom in the story being dead. Not in a scared way. Just in a, "Why is that boy's mommy dead?" "My mommy isn't dead." "What would happen if my mommy was dead?" sort of non-stop, curious, question asking way. We kept answering him and I think he got it? As much as an almost 3 year old can get something like that. 
Throughout the movie he kept sitting by me, holding my hand, and giving me full on smooches, "You're my mommy and you're sitting by me." Yep, I am. And I'll be sitting by you for as long as you'll let me, kid.

June 22, 2012

catching up

We've been doing lots and using the computer very little this summer. As it should be, but my pictures are starting to pile up and I don't want to get super behind. Super behind isn't my best look.
Here's what we've been up to:
- It's wedding season!! We've gone to several receptions already and I love seeing all the different decorations, themes and cakes being done this summer. Plus, free food and getting dressed up are an added bonus. And seeing friends marrying people they love is nice too, blah blah blah.
- We went to the lake! The water was freezing! Bronson wore a wet suit and wouldn't get in!
- We also went to the farmers market and I wanted to buy/steal all the flowers.
- Bronson's growing like a weed!! He likes wearing his shorts backwards and if his shoes have to match, there's no way he's wearing two socks. These are his simple demands.
- I'm still excited to be cooking for a bigger crowd. I've made clean enchiladas twice so far this summer and we all decided the ones made with flour tortillas were much better than the corn ones. Much.
- It rained! And I stood in a field and thought about it for a minute. Apparently it was a real head scratcher. I love summer rain storms!

June 19, 2012

a fathers day/birthday post

Toph successfully turned 27 yesterday! His birthday always falls right by Father's day which makes my brain go, "I give up. Two gifts back to back? Impossible." 
This year I stuck to a birthday week filled with his favorite foods in an attempt to distract him with carbs and sugar and I think it worked.
Bronson picked out a new wallet for Toph and made me pay for it. The kid's a gift giving genius. 
Happy fathers/birth day, Topher Tuttle! You don't look a day over 30. 

June 13, 2012

never saw it coming

We let Bronson pick the family night activity last week. He stepped out of character (not) and chose playing basketball together. Who knew this kid loved sports??
Next time it's my turn to pick and I have a hunch we'll end up somewhere where the air conditioning flows freely and sports are illegal. Maybe we'll hit up Sonic. Sonic ice, will you be my best friend for evah?

June 6, 2012

home's where your decorative pillows are

It's important to me to make any place we stay (even if we're just for a few months) feel as homey as possible. 
Taking pics of the places we live is also mucho importo. To me. 
So here you have it: My little brother's old bedroom is now home sweet room for the summer.

We sold and donated tons of our stuff before moving so we don't realllly have much left. Everything that's not in our room is packed up in my parents garage for now, free storage! Bronson's stuff is all in a dresser in the family room and he sleeps wherever he decides would be most interesting that night (sooo fun). We stuck our dresser in the closet for more room but long story short: I'll never complain about not having enough space again. I hope.

June 4, 2012

talking to two

"Bronson, where are you??"
"Right here! But don't call me Bronson. Call me Dash Incredible Justin Bieber."
"That's a lot of name to remember but I'll try, Dash Incredible Justin Bieber."
"You remembered my name!! Oh thank you mommy! You so sweet to me. You my favorite friend! Expect for grandma's dogs and daddy. Then you my favorite."


Smiling through our grief.

We're devastated. It's just .... over. After so many months, how are we gonna live without it??!

So Toph and I have been watching Friday Night Lights nightly on Netflix for months now. (If you follow me on twitter you're thinking: "Duuuuh. Stop talking about it already.") Well, a few days ago we were just watching our episode like it was any other day when halfway through we realized it was the last episode. Ever.

"Are they gonna win state or what???"-Toph

Here's the rundown on who we loved and who we loved to hate over the course of those five glorious seasons:

Coach and Mrs. Taylor: LOVE. One of our fave TV couples of all time. We loved how they called each other out on all their stuff, communicated so well, joked, and liked being together so much. Clair and Heathcliff got a run for their fake matrimony moolah with these guys.
Julie: Meh. We liked her mainly because Matt did. She was real whiny most of the time and that little TA stunt during her brief college stint? No thanks.
Matt: Love. Ok, so maybe the weird Carlotta fling was uncalled for but he made up for everything with how much he loved his Gma!! Seven was alright by us.
Landry: LOVE. Straight up love this kid. Hilarious and the fact that he went by Lance most of the time was perfect.
Tyra: Love/hate. We loved her when she was all girl power and, "I'm working hard and going to college!" But we got sick of the, "I'll never make it to college. I need beer and a cowboy boyfriend" moments. When she popped back in on the last season though, we cheered. So. Yeah. 
Jason Street: Meh. I know! He was alright but Matt stole the plot for us pretty quick.
Lilah: Go the heck away. She was so annoying! With Jason, with Tim, with the short lived Christian kid played by Logan from Gilmore Girls; no matter who her boy was, she was annoying.
Smash: Toph loved him. I was glad he made it to college and all, but I liked his mom way more. I wanted to smack some sense into him (for her) on more than one occasion.
Jess: We loved Jess! She had so many good one liners and was good for Vince. Huzzah.
Vince: Also loved. He came so far from the first time we saw him til the last episode.
TIM RIGGINS: Oh my holy heck. We love Tim. Texas forever? For Tim, yes! I think I might've liked him just a smidge more than Toph did ...

Having a show that both Toph and I looked forward to watching together was bomb. The last episode was awesome (that final toss during the last remaining seconds of the state game turned wrap up montage? Perfect!!). I'm so bummed it's over. We're thinking of watching the movie now just to ease the FNL withdrawals. Long story short, we need a new couple show! And preferably one that's over and has all the seasons up on Netflix already so we don't have to wait. Life be so hard. 

Clear eyes, full hearts.

June 2, 2012

The couple that pigs out together, gets clogged arteries together.

Toph still doesn't feel comfortable in front of the camera. Or ... maybe  he feels too comfortable there?
Dear Squeeze Inn: You call yourself the cheese skirt making establishment? False!!! The burger Toph ordered last week on our date had a skirt the size of Scarlett O'Hara's prom dress. It was huge. It was cheese. He ate it faster than you can say, "Tomorrow is another day."
High kicks and fist pumps for day night! Having 29 million babysitters on hand is a major perk of bumming off family all summer. 
Also: Will I ever change my shoes? You just show me an outfit that wouldn't benefit from some huaraches and I'll wear mine with it and laugh in the face of crazy talk.