July 30, 2012

muh boy needs sunlight


The bar's OVER and Toph finally got to quit studying!!! 
We hit the lake last Saturday to celebrate this blessed event. 
Summer can now officially start!!

July 26, 2012

bump it

19 weeks!! Woo hoo. 
So I don't plan on doing updates every single week, but a bump shot here and there is definitely on the menu.
 I predict in a month I'll be so huge that "bump" will yield to "mountain" also. We'll see.

Now for some Q&A since I haven't been able to get back to everyone yet. 
Fell swoop time:

Q: How did you keep this a secret for so long?!?
A: Two things: 1) Between moving, Disneyland, the bar, Bronson's birthday, changing insurance, getting in to see a midwife, and life; we just kept forgetting about it kinda. I thought, "We'll tell when I'm so huge it'll be super obvious." Then it became, "We'll tell after we see the Dr. for the first time." Then, "We'll tell after we know what it is." All this not telling has made the time fly too! Everyone knew about Bronson by 8 weeks. Longest.pregnancy.ever.
And 2) I can be really good at keeping secrets. It's my body power.

Q: How's Bronson doing with the news? Does he get what's going on yet?
A: Bronson is the cutest. Way back as I was packing and trying to get us ready to move, one day out of the blue he asks, "Mommy, why you got a baby in your tummy?" I thought he was just being weird so I answered who knows what and we moved on. Well he kept asking over the next few days until I thought, "I'ma write this in my journal and when we really do get pregnant, it'll be funny to remember him being excited early on." I go to write it down and realize how late it is in the month. I totally could be pregnant. So a few days later I snuck out to Target and grabbed some tests. All positive. And Bronson knew it. He's been talking about being a big brother ever since and he's been saying it was a girl all along too. (Which Toph and I both thought also. At least 85% girl anyway.) "We need four people in this happy family!!" is his new mantra. I'm sure it'll get harder for him as we get closer to the actual baby's arrival though. I really hope I can help him be ready for some of the big changes coming his way. By the time she comes, he'll have been the star of the show for 3.5 years so it's gonna be a big transition for everyone.

Q: How are you feeling?? Is this why you've been blogging less?
A: So far I don't really get that sick with my pregnancies. I wasn't sick at all with Bronson but I assumed it was because he was a boy. This time I waited and waited for the waves of nausea to descend, since I was thinking girl, but they never really did. I've been more tired, sneezing like crazy (one of my normal pregnancy symptoms), needing to eat every few hours or I get dizzy, and slightly sick now and then but nothing major. Thank goodness! I've been able to work, take care of Bronson, keep working out, and eat well without having any real problems which has been a huge blessing so far. As for blogging, the internet here is just super slow. It's no fun to work with.

Q: Any weirdo craving yet? How's "No sugar" going?
A: I've been wanting peaches, cottage cheese, yogurt, fresh eggs, pizza (but I always want pizza anyway), thai, and anything sour. 
I'm not 100% no sugar like I was from January 1st-May13th, but I'm still going strong. I'd say I'm about 80% no sugar now. 
My downfalls: Welch's fruit snacks and Twizzlers. If I buy them for Bronson, I always end up eating some. Sooooo maybe I should stop buying my kid junk?? Maybe.

Q: What's your actual due date?
A: I love my midwife!!! She gave me a due week instead of a due date. (Last time I sat around and watched my due date come and go. All the other July 9th babies were born and I was still preggo for another week. Worst.) We're looking at somewhere in the week leading up to Christmas. No day specifically and for some reason, baby keeps measuring ahead of what we'd originally thought but everything looks healthy and good so far. PS: I feel bad for this December kid! We were shooting for next spring but this one took no time at all. (It took almost a year to get knocked up with Bronson so we weren't sure this go round. TMI.) How do you make a December birthday super special???

And now I'm so done typing about myself.The end.

July 23, 2012

All we want for Christmas is ....

Tuttle baby number 2 is due at Christmas time! 
I'm about 19 weeks along today and we found out this morning that this little one is a girl!!! Well, 85% odds a girl. Baby was being a little modest so we only got a few decent lookie loos, but from what we saw (or didn't see .... ) it's a girl! 

July 22, 2012

day tripper


This summer has been full of fun activities (for me and Bronson. Deadbeat dad Topher's been too busy "studying." Pshaw+kidding. About the deadbeat part.) and when my older sister mentioned taking a little road trip to Grants Pass, Oregon last week, we were all for it. We headed up there for the day to visit some friends and it was awesome! We picnicked, thrifted, window shopped, and splash parked the day away and the kids loved it (there are 7.5 kids between us right now). Oregon was so much cooler than where we live so it was a really nice change of temperature and scenery. The thrifting was fab too: Dollar shirts that will (hopefully) fit for awhile and stretchy belts be mine!
Bronzie picked out some sweet thrift store kicks to add to his mismatched collection as well. That kid has more shoes than me and Toph combined.

July 17, 2012

Who won the gold?


Fact: I love the Olympics. Other fact: I've been wanting to throw Bronson an Olympic themed party for his past two birthdays. Birthday number three was the year, baby! 
We raced, shot free throws, had patriotic treats (star shaped watermelon!!!), handed out fake medals and were appropriately somber through the fake medal ceremonies. 
We danced, threw the discus (frisbee), Bronson opened a few presents (His hands down fave gift? The Justin Bieber basketball doll that my sister just had to get for him. Wha??) and then blew out the candles on his Olympic rings donut cake. 
We shut it down with some major glow stick lightsaber battles. I'm pretty sure the actual Olympics are planning to add those to the closing ceremonies this year.

July 14, 2012

then & now

So Bronson's officially 3. To celebrate/make myself sob, I've been watching old videos of him all night. Between video clips I cast meaningful glances at the birthday boy himself as he sleeps away his fleeting babyhood on our bedroom floor. He's content and seems totally unaware of the crazy lady crylaughing just a few feet over.
I love every.single. video we've ever made of him. Even the ones only a mother could love. The ones where's he's like 2 seconds old and we were so impressed that he could simultaneously cross his eyes, smile, and drool that we just had to Facebook them for "the grandparents" (Read: EVERYONE. Because duh, who didn't want to watch our genius baby for 47 grainy seconds as we loud talked at him??). While I love them all, I've managed to narrow down the archives to just a few video clips that I want to share for B's birthday. Here's our boy then and now:


The original talking to two. Well actually this one's Talking to 18 months.

As he likes to say, "I've got the moves like Jag!!"

Bronson is such a blessing and we're grateful for him every single day. Even on the most exhausting of days. Even then. Happy birthday to the star of our family!! You so do have the moves kid and I can't wait to see where three takes us!

July 5, 2012

it worked

Our family tradition is to make a bunch of plans and then not do them. Best laid plans and all that. We're a family of spontaneity. 
Our plan B's and C's usually turn out better than the original anyway. Yesterday was no exception.

Original plans: Waffle breakfast, a trip up to the snow to avoid the heat, picnic lunch, a big family BBQ at dinner time, & fireworks downtown for the grand finale.
What actually happened: Waffle breakfast so good we were forced to watch movies and nap it off til BBQ time. Then the big BBQ fell through so we had a smaller, makeshift BBQ at my parents house with fewer people and excellent food. Then the downtown fireworks were cancelled last minute due to lack of city funds. Nice. Driveway fireworks and a last minute dance party it was. My dad played DJ and we cranked the stereo and danced with sparklers in hand til 11 pm.
I started the day lipsticked, belted and hair did. The belt came off midway through the waffles, the lipstick died shortly after the fresh peaches, and my hair got tied into a knot after shaking my groove thing for about two seconds. Happy fourth of July!!

July 2, 2012

for reals??

Last night I had a moment. A cry-and-write-in-my journal-and-then-write-a-sappy-letter-to-Bronson-in-his-journal type of moment. 
And all because it finally hit me that he's gonna be THREE in two very short weeks.

I've never been very sad about Bronson getting older, it's always just been exciting.
I don't look back at his newborn pictures and long for that again, those days were long and exhausting with very little back and forth. (He wasn't one of those talking newborns.)
I don't miss his eating everything off the floor phase or the crawling and pulling everything out of the cupboards era.
Then he turned two. Stop the clock, time out, freeze! Two has been the best. Sometimes terrible for sure, but mostly hilarious and full of firsts.
This year he started having definite likes and dislikes. He made friends. He really started talking his brains out. He potty trained, gave up the pacifier, and quit napping all in the same month.
He went to Disneyland for the first time. He got a real sense of humor. He learned to ride a tricycle. He called me and Topher by our first names for a few months. He became my friend, someone I genuinely like to hang out with.
I'm going to miss having a two year old Bronson. I'm gonna miss his little two year old body and voice. My mom always says, "There's nothing cuter than a two year old boy" and I (unbiasedly, of course) have to agree.
Two has been the best so far. But I kinda have a feeling that this time next year, three will seem pretty great as well.