August 10, 2012

girl trip 2012- Tahoe

The last stop on our trip was Lake Tahoe, it was my fave! The water was incredibly blue and tropical but the trees surrounding everything were all Narnia-esque. Northern CA is a great mix of different landscapes. As we were heading back home we took our sweet time, stopping at shops and stores along the way that looked interesting. One stop was at this little thrift store where I scored a bunch of stuff on the 25 cent rack. I couldn't resist getting some fun vintage pieces for the little lady Tuttle and at 25 cents a pop, no harm done. The girl trip was awesome (thanks mom!) and I can't wait to do it again in another 50 years!! Or sooner, whatev.
 PS: OH YEAH: I almost DIED when we were driving those narrow, windy Tahoe roads. Never never never again, she hoped. We can find a wider/lower to the ground route next time. Right??