September 28, 2012

why hello third trimester

28 weeks.
It's all downhill from here. Or maybe not, I dunno. Going off last time where I hit, "Get this kid out of me NOW, I'm so over being pregnant!!" at around 30 weeks, I'm kinda nervous for this trimester. 
I haven't gotten sick or heartburn or severe exhaustion or anything really during the first two trimesters of either pregnancies. Nothing really changed for me at all until the third trimester last time. That's when my hands started going numb out of the blue, my legs started cramping up painfully, and I felt hideous in everything I wore. 
Although this pregnancy has been a little bit different from B's so far anyway, I'm still taking precautionary measures to avoid a repeat of the 3rd trimester meltdown:
I'm going to a chiropractor every week to prevent the numb hands. 
I'm getting in walks almost every day to hopefully scare away the leg cramps. Fingers crossed.
And while most of my normal clothes still fit, (As in: I can get them on, but should they be worn in public? No sir.) I've swapped a lot of them out for bigger stuff that I feel decent in.
I'm not one of those "I hate maternity clothes!" girls at all. I am one of those "I will not spend money!" girls though. After I had Bronson, I got rid of everything I wore while pregnant with him because I basically never wanted to see any of it again. Then I started hoarding. Whenever I found something cute in the freepiles or at a clothes swap that would work for the knocked up, I tucked it away for next time. Next time's here and at this point I have about 3 ginorm boxes of clothes (some maternity, some just bigger) that I love and that'll carry me through to the end of this pregnancy and into postpartum/nursing. 
If I do ever feel the need to splurge on something new, I hit up Walmart ($5 cheetah print leggings were my most recent splurge. I love Walmart and I don't care who knows it!!). 
Anyway, here I am at 28 weeks. 
Right now I'm all about watered down chocolate soy milk, hummus + pita chips, and sweet potatoes. Wouldn't want to forget any of those special pregnancy tid bits.

September 24, 2012

"follow me!"

In three months Bronson gives up his only child status and takes on the title of older brother. I'm definitely more nervous about this than he is. (He's only nervous about not getting his allotted episodes of Dino Squad in today. Let's be real.) For the past three+ years it's just been the three of us. It's been manageable, simple even. Two adults against one kid, we usually win. 
Having Bronson to myself these past few weeks while Toph's been away has been harder but also pretty great. We have mandatory snuggle/tell-me-about-your-crazy-dreams-from-last-night time every morning (his dreams are always the same: "I dreamed I played football basketball and I WON!" So sure.) and I just look down at him and think, "One of my very best friends is a three year old." Maybe that makes me a loser who needs to get out more but I don't care. One of my very best friends is 3. Someday he'll be 15. Pretty sure I won't get/want to hear about his dreams then, so for right now I'm trying to soak this kid up. 
Bronson likes to talk about his little sister a lot. He includes her whenever he lists everyone in our family (we have a name picked out that's been sitting on our girls name list for forever) and when he says her name, it feels just right.
In three months there will be lots of changes, exciting and nerve wracking changes. 
But mostly exciting.

September 16, 2012

keeping the boy up to date

Here are some pics I took yesterday morning when I accidentally woke up before Bronson:

In case you forgot what our room looked like at 8:30 in the morning.
So far, while *you've been gone, I've been finding hobbies and becoming all well rounded (pun intended). Like I keep texting you: I'm trying to become a pinner. As in, I've actually been on Pinterest for more than two minutes now and I've pinned/repinned things!! AND I even did two of the projects I pinned! Be impressed. Also, you may have noticed I've been Instagramming a lot. I thought you might want to see every little thing Bronson's been up to as well as monitor the bumps progression minute by minute (and since we can't text pics, the 'gram is the next best thing). I'm also several episodes into season 3 of Gilmore Girls. Again. It's my current show. Again. 
Yeah so, that's about it. I'm about to call you now to make sure you read this post. Fingers crossed for decent reception! (Why does Spanish Fork have such wonky AT&T reception anyway??)

*Topher took a train back to Utah last week. Something about not just sitting around waiting to hear back from his interviews when he could be out there working for his family in the meantime? Yeah.right. Pretty sure he just wanted to saddle up to the Costa Vida counter again. Well good riddance, boyfriend! (Jkjkjk. We miss you!!!! We're proud of you for working so hard!!!) We're not really sure how long the work out there will last or when coming back here will be profitable so that's ... fun. I plan to keep him semi up to date on the blog while he's gone. Texts, phone calls with bad reception & Skype just aren't enough. Our love requires all the technology.

September 12, 2012

Oregon and its blessed blueberries

Every summer, my mom and grandma make the pilgrimage up to Sandy, Oregon (near Portland) for a few days of visiting with family, a change of scenery, and berry picking. They went right after we got back from Utah this year and I decided to go along. Bronson stayed home with the Toph and the boys again (I swear ever since we left him for the verrry first time back in February, there have been so many excuses to do it again. It kinda never gets easier though. I think I might love that kid?) and had a ball.

The Oregon Trip looked a little bit like this: 


My little sister, Toto, about to pounce on the perfect blueberry.
Blueberries in my bucket.
A twenty five week baby bump. Voila.
A strawberry box holding the 13 lbs of blueberries we picked.
Gorgeous Oregon.
Henry Huggins!! (Plus: My mom and Toto)
RAMONA! (We went to Beverly Cleary's neighborhood and the park near it has statues of some of her characters in it. Dream come true! Especially the sprinkler aspect because it was so stinking hot that day.)

We love Oregon BUT: One our way home, it took twice as long as it normally would to get from Portland to Eugene because we happened to be driving back on a game day. In the sea of cars decked out in green and gold, we were the not so festive minivan with the California plates asking, "What the heck is going on??" Ducks fever, that's what.

September 6, 2012

some pics of me + the gorgeous Draper temple by Toph

"Hey Toph, would you get some pics of me cuz I actually got dressed today? Bump shots!! Fun!"
"Oh. There's a car coming. Oh oops. I'm in the road. Sorry car!" 
"Make sure you get some of the temple too. Please?"
"Is the camera even on the right setting? Can you see through the viewfinder with your glasses on? Is anything blurry??"
"Do I look super pregnant in these? How far along am I anyway? You don't remember??! It's your baby too!!! Sniff."
"Oh no, take another. That one's cray."
"I hate the wind. All my curls are gone. I hate having straight hair. Boo."

"See! That was easy and so fun! Why don't you like taking pics for me?"

September 4, 2012

It was kind of a big (HUGE) deal.

When I was around nine, I wrote a fangirl letter to one of my very favorite authors, Beverly Cleary. I told her how much I loved all of her books (especially Mitch and Amy, Beezus and Ramona, and The Luckiest Girl) and how I planned to collect everything she'd ever written and read it over and over again (mission accomplished by now, pretty sure). I promptly sent it off and forgot about it. A few weeks later a postcard came! From Beverly (first name basis by then) herself (or her secretary .... )! She thanked me for the writing to her and for reading her books, she was so nice. It was definitely a "best day" moment in my childhood.

One of the coolest things about Bronson getting older is watching him have some of his own best moments. At the ripe old age of three he might've peaked though. While we were in Utah last month he got to meet the BYU football team, eat dinner with them, and get his (gifted) helmet and (freepiled) football signed. Best day.

The fastest way to my heart is being nice to my little boy. Seeing all of those great big football players bend down and take the time to talk football with my squeaky voiced Bronze was too much. I wanted to cry (so pregnant). 
Even when (or if) Bronson grows out of his sports obsession phase, I'm thinking the day he met the "bigger bigger football guys" will stick in his mind as an exciting childhood moment. I hope so anyways. (And yeah, that's mascara on his cheeks. Toootally normal way to apply it.)

September 3, 2012

the bump- 24 weeks

I haven't been on a legit computer in a month. 
We spent August in Utah and there are NO computers there. Freals. Just restaurants, swimming pools, freepiles and ever growing baby bumps. At least that's all I found there. Basically, it was the best month ever and driving back to CA last week was super sad but super necessary since the real world was waiting (the real word includes midwife appointments and job interviews. Yay+fingers crossed!!!). 
I have a months worth of clothes to unpack, hundreds of pics to upload, sort + share, and lasagna to eat.
Sooooo today is for a quick bump update and that's about it. Behold the glory that is 24 weeks pregnant and growing:


Some notes: 
-I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since the last (& also first) bump update. 
- I'm starting to feel BIG but I keep reminding myself that the real big is lurking just around the corner so I'd better shut it and enjoy fitting into all my clothes while I still can. (Motivational self speaker I never claimed to be.)
- I'm well into my 6th month of pregnancy. WHAT??? HOW?! Things are getting real up in here.
- If I ever call Bronson "baby" he freaks and tells me, "Oh no mommy, you forgot again: You have a new baby in your tummy. I'm not a baby. I'm a big boy!" Chastising and making me feel senile already? Oh child, you too good.