October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I've been dreaming about making Bronson into a mini Nap D forever. AND THIS WAS FINALLY THE YEAR. So obviously Toph and I had to be Deb and Pedro, which was awesome because what's cooler than being a knocked up Deb? (Almost 33 weeks, holla!) Bronson wore his (spray painted clown) wig for the pictures then ripped it off proclaiming, "I can't wear this thing, it looks ridiculous!"
I literally can't look at these pics without busting up so maybe he has a point? But oh my heck, ridiculous or not, I seriously wish he'd dress like this everydayyyy. No joke. Happy Halloween!

October 22, 2012

31 weeks

Here we are at 31 weeks. Holy cow. It's gone really fast but thinking about how there's still 9-10 weeks to go is kinda like, "For reals??" I'm ready to meet this new little Tutt, wear normal clothes, and get back to being myself. The thing I'm most excited for though is seeing Bronson meet the new baby for the first time. I hope he gets what it means when we say he's a big brother. I bet he will. He's pretty much a genius by now.

October 19, 2012

more fall fun

Bronson and I went to a Halloween carnival put on by the local elementary school a few nights ago. His faves from the evening included:
- Watching the guy in the dunk tank get dunked every few minutes.
- The "kissing" booth where the booth girl stamped his hand and gave him a chocolate kiss. He was pretty t.o.'d when the stamp came off in the bath later that night. Bummer deal, kid.
- Playing on the school playground equipment. ("Playing" can mean throwing rocks on all the slides with his crazy cousins, right?)

My faves included:
- The pizza we ate before going to the carnival.
- The caramel apples we made before going to the carnival.
- The short walk to the carnival.
- The nice, cool, fall weather.

I'm so pregnant.

October 18, 2012

the greatest season of all is totes fall

It's beginning to legit feel like fall around here. Fall is obviously the best so we had a little caramel apple party a few days ago to celebrate the cooler weather, but mostly as an excuse to each junk (on top of healthy apples). Batman even showed up. 
It was really fun to watch Helen's kids and Bronson decorate their apples (Ex: Trevi made crazy faces all over his with candy, and Rowan stuck to just eating all the candy before it made it onto his apple). They all lost interest pretty quickly after the apples were covered and the candy was all eaten so off they ran to save the world. Party of the century. 
We LOVE fall!

October 15, 2012


Three little boys in a little red wagon, and they even look happy about it. I'm so glad Bronson has cousins so close in age to him, usually they all get along pretty well too. Usually. Of course there's the occasional  "Hulk Smash!" fight that breaks out between them but in general they're all friends. I love listening to the games they come up with and seeing how happy Bronson is when he gets to hang out with his "cousies." Living near Helen and her kids these past few months has been really great for him. I hope they all stay close as they grow up. They'd better, in 15 (short!) years they're all gonna be trapped in the MTC together since their missions will overlap, suckas!

October 9, 2012

sometimes we leave the house

We hit up a dollar-a-bag sale at an old church. One of my (3) bags split open ... Maybe it was kinda full? I got 15 yards of fabric (vintage sheets!!!!) for a dollar!! And B picked out some stuff too. Sports stuff. One note, that kid.
Lately: I've been wearing 2 dollar tube tops as skirts (the built in bra works really well as a maternity panel. But not so great as a bra. Tube and top shouldn't go together.) I got around to sewing up some handed down + freepiled maternity pants into skinnies. Super easy. 
It cooled down enough to go outside!!! And wear pants (unless you're Bronson)!! We're talking high 70's/low 80's, such a  nice shift. And for this area: It's fall!!!

October 1, 2012

I am 24 going on 94

"Did you see that gas went up four cents overnight?? It's $4.09 again! When I started driving you could get it for 99 cents a gallon!!!"

"I was looking at the five day forecast in the paper and it's supposed to be in the high 90's all week ... I'm just really ready for cardigan weather."

"Is it nap time yet?"

"All I want to do today is sew and watch The Golden Girls." 

"Teenagers are too flipping loud."

So basically, being pregnant makes me geriatric. Whatevs.