December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012!!!!

 Woo hoo stocking stuffers!
My dad IS Santa + Bronson sporting (hehahehe) the Utah Jazz  warm up suit he got from Mama Carlos.
Best gift? I think definitely.
Enough with that dang water bottle, Carlos. Expect yeah, I LOVE mine too!!!
Hulk Smash Bronson was born today. Worst gift? Thanks Toph!
My mom's way more intriguing than Ms. Rodham Clinton. SHE deserves a book deal.
Oh these two. 

Christmas came! And, despite what you see in the amazingly glam and happy pics above, it was ... kinda crappy crazy actually. This year was Bronson's fourth Christmas (I don't even know how that happened) and all he wanted was a green dinosaur and maybe some Legos. Done. As in, he was pretty much done after we opened stockings but we forced him to open all of his gifts (worst parents) resulting in a meltdown that made much more sense when we realized he had an ear infection and pink eye. Best day!! :/ Plus: I'm still very much pregnant with nary a useful contraction in sight. So whatevs. Better luck next year?