January 27, 2013

Ev's name and a blessing day

Our family of four. I like.

Toph took Everly up to the front of the chapel and, in a circle of worthy priesthood holders, gave her a name and a blessing today.
He said some of the same things to her that he said to Bronson almost 4 years ago.
It was an amazing day filled (to the brim) with family and friends and baby cuteness overload.
I'm thankful for two healthy, ridiculously good looking kids. I'm thankful for a husband who poses for family pictures with minimal whining. I'm thankful to be back in this awesome ward.
Today was a good day. One of the best.

January 14, 2013

Lest I forget

gangs all here

In all the "I'm not pregnant anymore!!/This baby is adorable!!!" excitement, a bunch of Bronson's milestones have been pushed aside. Shame shame.
The biggest deal is that he moved from nursery to Sunbeams at the new year. He's a SUNBEAM. As in, Jesus wants me for a. He wasn't too thrilled about it the first week but he's getting more into it as we talk it up at home. His teachers are awesome and he comes home with the cutest drawings. I might even save one one of these days (anti hoarder, right here).
Also, he's officially three and a half today. Three has gone real fast because: pregnancy. It's galloped by and the idea that it's literally half over is not a welcome one. I just got used to him being three and he has the audacity to turn 4 this year? The audacity.
He's currently into Legos (Target trips are essentially How can I get out of here without going down the Lego aisle? trips now) and The Avengers in a big way. I can't keep up. Hawkeye, "Matasha", Dr. Bruce Banner, Thor, Steve Rogers; he never stops asking/telling me about all of them. Just like the sports thing, I have no idea how he knows so much about it all. I get commanded to yell, "Avengers Assemble!" more often than any human should.
He's a character and we love him.

January 10, 2013

And then we had two.

 the first look ...

 One of the things I kept thinking about throughout Everly's pregnancy was how Bronson would react the first time he met her. I was pretty sure he'd be beyond thrilled. Beyond beyond thrilled. What three and a half year old boy wouldn't be ecstatic to visit the hospital and be introduced to a slimy little newborn girl? Right?
Honestly, it was pretty anticlimactic. He came in the room about an hour after she was born and was much more excited to see the ginorm birthing ball, "swimming pool tub" (not quite) and other medical paraphernalia than he was to see the baby. Or me.
I guess the good thing about being a family forever is that you have for-freaking-ever to love each other. I'm pretty happy that's the case. Bronson and Everly are going to be best friends!!
It's my mission in life to force them to be. #mommydearest 

January 3, 2013

Neverly no more. SHE'S HERE!

And so she arrived and renounced her nickname of Neverly! (Girlfriend was born 10 days after her due date. Life's a party.)
 I ended up with a water birth, something I'd thought about but never really expected to do until Ruth Anne (THE BEST NURSE IN THE WORLD) was all, "You're the only only only person in the maternity ward, would you like to try the tub?" Best decision. This little girl came after 5 pushes and Toph and I caught her together (he WASN'T in the tub .... fyi) and we were able to just float her in the warm water for a few endorphin filled minutes.
Everly's birth was fast (when it finally got down to it) and exactly what I wanted. I felt amazing as soon as she was out and can't help but smile whenever I think about those crazy 4 hours. I did it! All by myself! It was, overall, such a great experience and we are so so so in love with our Ev!

PS: Ev was the first baby born in Tehama county in 2013!!! THE New Years baby!! We got tons of fun gifts and prizes to celebrate her and we were in the newspaper. Most coherent interview ever, I'm sure.