January 3, 2013

Neverly no more. SHE'S HERE!

And so she arrived and renounced her nickname of Neverly! (Girlfriend was born 10 days after her due date. Life's a party.)
 I ended up with a water birth, something I'd thought about but never really expected to do until Ruth Anne (THE BEST NURSE IN THE WORLD) was all, "You're the only only only person in the maternity ward, would you like to try the tub?" Best decision. This little girl came after 5 pushes and Toph and I caught her together (he WASN'T in the tub .... fyi) and we were able to just float her in the warm water for a few endorphin filled minutes.
Everly's birth was fast (when it finally got down to it) and exactly what I wanted. I felt amazing as soon as she was out and can't help but smile whenever I think about those crazy 4 hours. I did it! All by myself! It was, overall, such a great experience and we are so so so in love with our Ev!

PS: Ev was the first baby born in Tehama county in 2013!!! THE New Years baby!! We got tons of fun gifts and prizes to celebrate her and we were in the newspaper. Most coherent interview ever, I'm sure.