February 6, 2013

on siblings: i have some. i made some.

 Sweet pink little sister. Sports obsessed superhero big brother.

I think part of who you are is shaped by your siblings.
Nurture nature. Brothers sisters.

Whenever I ask my mom HOW she did it? (Seven kids?? Each just 2.5 years apart?!?) she just says, "I don't know. I just did." (I get my eloquence from her, obvi.)
Well whatever she "just did" (homeschooling at random intervals based on individual need, a strong dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ, showing us that books will never die and that reading is important, an amazing knowledge of homeopathy, showing us that laughing is in the top three, that Scrabble is THE game to master, and that occasionally hiding from your kids under a blanket in a closet so you can eat pb cups in peace is fine. Normal. Necessary.) (She really did that.) worked.

I have some pretty awesome brothers and sisters. In no particular order, except oldest to youngest, we have:
>Helen (Hel) is funny, considerate, good crazy, and one of my first calls. I love going through motherhood with her. She gets it when I'm all, "CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE BRONSON WOULD [fill in the blank with some insane activity]!!!" She doesn't judge and can usually one up me with something her boys have done. Perspective.
>Stanley (Stanny) is the cool kid I looked up to in HS. He introduced me to all my fave bands. When he took the time to ask my opinion about music or clothes, I was pretty stoked. Lately I get to see him be an uncle to my kids and he's reeeally good at  it. Patient and adventurous. They love him.
>Gordy (Gooda) is my jam. Things have shifted a bit in our relationship since I got married/had kids/he's been home from his mish, but I still just love the crap out of him. I really value our inside jokes. Basically if I can get him to laugh I feel all, "High-fiving a million angels!"
>Carol (Carlos) and I were touch and go there for a while. She took my clothes. She drove me nuts. But then, you know what? She grew up. And got hilarious. And truly became one of my friends. I'm so impressed with her. (She's getting married in June!!! Crazy.)
>William (forever just the grown up name of William) is .... a teenaged boy. And he can for reals get on my last nerve. But he can also be funny and SO good with Bronson. He's responsible, genius level smart, caring and dare I say it .... handsome?? (He's legit like Justin Bieber's better looking twin.)
>Victoria (Toto) is the caboose to our crazy train. And what a good note to end on. She's beyond sweet, funny without trying to be (never grow out of that!!), naive in the best possible way, and so good to her friends. I can't wait to see her grow up even more.

In 20 years, what will Bronson and Everly say about each other (and any other siblings we may add to our own Team-crazytrain-Tuttle)???
Like anyone can even know that.