March 23, 2013

Day Trip: Pleasanton

We took a day trip! To Pleasanton, CA! I'll tell my joke one more time: It's really pleasant there.
Boom shaka laka.

We ate: at Eddie Papa's. Yummy salads, cute little baskets full of fries, s'mores made at the table! Highly recommend. The best (& unexpected) part: They give you cotton candy with your check!
More fun than an after dinner mint by leaps and sugary bounds.

We played: at Mission Hills Park and the library. The park had this giant metal death slide that Bronson was too scared to face alone. Toph and I took turns going on it with him. I wanted to slide a million times by myself but had to stop to nurse Ev, play photog, and be a grown up.
I love to see different libraries and they're always a great stop to get free wifi, hit the potty, and let B play with new toys and discover new books. Also, free air conditioning! It's already hot here.
I'm thrilled. (I'm a liar.)

We visited: old friends from law school days. (Oh law school, so long ago ... ) Again, new-to-him toys that Bronson loved (trampoline in the garage!!), good food, grown ups to talk to, cute kids; all in all, we had a great time.

Next month we're hoping to hit Monterey. COOLER WEATHER!!!

March 22, 2013

squeaky clean

And here we have some pictures of the Tuttle heirs in miniature bath robes.
Bronson: 3.5 years, Everly: 2 months

March 18, 2013

Spring thrifting

Match the items to the Tuttle. 

(Baby things are always the cheapest so Ev got the most.)
 (Also, it's maybedefinitely still really fun for me to buy tiny girl stuffs.)

March 16, 2013

the "bunkbed Captain America stroller"

Seeing these pics forced me to finally take in this shirt. I've only been meaning to for weeksmonths.

Still no minivan (WANT), but we now officially have a double stroller. Grown ups be happening. Bronson is in love with it and I am too. It was a great deal (thank you Target red card + clearance section!) and as much as I love babywearing, Everly and I are already sweating to death on our walks and it's only March. With the bassinet feature in the back and "the big boy" seat in front, she sleeps, he sits/chats, and I push. And sweat.
Shoulda got a triple.

Edited to add: I sold this stroller on Craigslist after finding a Sit N' Stand for a steal of a deal at a thrift store a few months after buying this. I still miss the storage space from this stroller erry day. :'(

March 11, 2013

Related much.

"Woah! You can tell who her brother is." 
"Why do you have a pic of Bronson in a headband?"
 "So you guys make one look, huh?" 
"Is that a Bronson or Everly baby picture?" 
"Your kids are basically twins." 
"Why take any pictures of Everly? She looks just like Bronson." 

I don't see it.

(Jk. I duh see it. Fyi, from left to right starting in the top left corner it's: (row one) B, E, E (second row) E,B,B (bottom row) B,E,B

March 10, 2013

model idiot

I don't have very many pics with my real camera of just me and Everly.
So I took some crappy, indoor, pajama, faces optional, dirty hair, cords in the background, self timer ones to make me long for some decent shots even more.
We'll get there.

March 1, 2013

my dang heart

long live the Mickey bowl

"How do you make room in your heart to love another baby as much as your first?" "Do you ever get to hold Everly or does having two kids make life too hectic?" "Are you dying of exhaustion?" "Does Bronson get it?" "Are you getting ANY sleep?"

So many questions.
The most frequently asked has definitely been the "loving the second as much as the first" thing and I almost cringed when people would throw it at me initially. I felt like something went wrong for me there.

See, for three and a half years it was just me and Bronson, (I thought) we were solid. We had inside jokes, secret handshakes, just us rituals. As Everly's birth got closer and closer I tried to picture life with another kid and not just Bronze. I never really could, but then she was crowning (ouch), and then she was in my arms, and then duh, I couldn't imagine life without her as well.
We brought her home and something shifted. I found myself resenting Bronson for taking time away from the new baby. I just wanted to cuddle her all day long!!! He never stopped talking. Never. I couldn't help comparing them. She became the easy child and he seemed like a burden. Oh the guilt. I never expected to feel that way. Someone had flipped the formula! I was supposed to feel my heart open up and pull Everly into her allotted space so I could exclaim, "Wow, you really can love them the same! EVERYONE WAS RIGHT!!" but instead my heart pushed him aside and clung to her (QUIET) newness.

There was lots of crying, Netflix cartoon watching, praying, and: Toph, it's your turn! I don't want to hear him for the next hour at least-ing during those first initial weeks. My finest hour.

Over the past few weeks, things have settled down a little bit (will we ever have a baby and NOT move a week after?) and we've gotten more and more used to our new everyday. Bronson's been a great older brother (he's seriously so sweet to Ev!) and, when you get down to it, has adapted extremely well. The incessant talking hasn't really eased up, but I strive to savor it by remembering someday his little baby voice will be deep and directed away from me. Nooooooo! (Contradiction, thy name is motherhood.)

I blame hormones for a lot of the craziness but I also think, there's no one perfect way to mother. Obviously I love both of these kids a lot, but who even knows if it's 100% equal all the time.
Honestly, whoever's sleeping is usually the favorite of the moment.