May 2, 2013

Day Trip: Monterey/Pacific Grove/Carmel

We took a day trip! To Monterey, CA! And Pacific Grove and Carmel. They're all real close to each other.

We ate: at First Awakenings. Pancakes as big as a dinner plate, breakfast burritos as big as Everly! My pancake was rocking raspberries, granola, and coconut. I ate it up. I loved it so.

We played: at Dennis the Menace Park and the beach. At the park, Bronson (and Topher) had a grood (no typo) time going down the slides, running through the maze, across the bridge, and to the mini rock wall. I had fun feeding Everly and she had fun staring at her hand. The weather was perfect and it wasn't too crowded.
The beach was gorgeous but freaked me out because I'm scared of all the things. (Ex: Bronson getting too close to the busy road right by the beach, Bronson getting too close to the waves and being sucked away; writing out my fears is not therapeutic. Stopping now.) But the water was bluer than blue and the sand was ready to be castled.

We visited: The harbor seals!!! I lost my voice yelling things like, "Loose seal!" and "Bronson! Look at the seals!!! They're so cute! BUT DON'T GET TOO CLOSE!!!"

Yep, just a nice relaxing day with the fam.